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10 Celebs & Fashion Bloggers Who Inspire My Personal Style

10 Celebs & Fashion Bloggers Who Inspire My Personal Style

The New Fashion Icons

One of my tricks for getting dressed faster is having a line-up of fashion icons and their inspirational outfits at my fingertips.

For a long time, we relied on celebrities and tastemakers to shape our style but now with the internet, we have fashion bloggers, influencers, and everyday people to look up to.

I believe that a fashion icon is someone that dresses in a way you admire. You might not want to recreate all their looks but you might strive to take elements of each one and shape them to suit your shape.

This post is a list of famous people and regular folks who I regularly look to for outfit ideas! Feel free to contribute your own in the comments.

Nicole Richie

Asher Moss

Nicole Richie has a style I’ve been obsessed with for years. From boho chic to sophisticated starlet. She’s done it all!

I think that’s a the draw for me – we’ve gotten to watch her grow up in front of the cameras and see her style change over the years. It’s like we’re all given permission to pivot our lives and try new things.

Nobody embodies the idea of a style evolution better than Nicole!

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff aka the original Outfit Repeater is an “every” girl knows her way around a pair of denim!

She has a classic style but then she’ll surprise us with a funky blazer or oversized scarf to set the look apart. Her style is very attainable.

I like that anyone can wear what she’s wearing!

Splash News

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Rita Ora


Rita Ora is someone you can tell is having fun with fashion.

She’s not afraid of playing with silhouettes and colors and is always unapologetically herself!

Jenna Lyons

Whether Jenna Lyons is actually famous or just famous via her role in the fashion industry is null as she has impeccable personal style!

She has a way of transforming even the most basic button down or trench coat and dressing them up to look fancy. I aspire to have a bit of glam with me everyday.

by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows


FameFlynet Pictures

I could fill a book with all Solange’s outfits that I’ve saved from magazines over the years. Everything she wears is perfect!

She’s especially great at taking something bold but tailoring it to her body to keep it from overwhelming her frame. I believe that’s how she gets away with taking some big fashion risks!

Dina of Dina’s Days

Dina has the best colorful thrifted outfits! And not only does she posts pictures to use as inspiration but she’s very transparent about her process of getting dressed, finding her clothes, etc.

Bryanna of _cominginclutch

Bryanna of _cominginclutch has an eye for really unique pieces but styles them in practical ways.

Like she might have a statement blouse but pairs it with overalls and it’s just so chic!              

Audrey of @affectionatelyaudrey

Audrey of @affectionatelyaudrey can mix patterns like nobody’s business!

Sometimes the mixes are a little out there but I really admire her for trying it and being creative with fashion.                      

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Melodie Stewart

Melodie of @themelodiestewart has mastered the art of high-low dressing.

I love the things she combines to create a one-of-a-kind street style. It’s a little sweet but edgy at the same time and always makes a visual impact!

Tess of @safetytess

Tess of @safetytess is just so fun and eclectic and… shiny?

She inspires me to wear glitter and go-go boots everyday!

Stylish Honorable Mentions

Here’s a few names inspiring you: B. Jones Style, karenbritchick, Iris Apfel, Gwen Stefani, haileys_thrift_haul, Chloë Sevigny, Duckie Dale, and Hannah Rupp. ?

Be sure to Pin this post to reference to later when you’re in need of some good outfit inspo!



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