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The Dream Thrifted Swimsuit I Scored for under $10 – And How I Styled It!

The Dream Thrifted Swimsuit I Scored for under $10 – And How I Styled It!

Normalize Thrifted Swimwear

Would you wear a thrifted swimsuit? Why or why not?

It’s a question that keeps making ripples in the fashion pond. If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m no stranger to this topic (check out my previous post for a refresher!).

I recently thrifted a couple more swimsuits to wear this summer so I thought it would be a good time to take on this taboo topic and help normalize thrifted swimwear.

I get it – the idea of secondhand swimwear might seem a bit fishy at first.

But let’s debunk some myths and dive into why thrifted swimsuits deserve a spot in the sun.

Busting Myths About Thrifted Swimsuits

  • Not all thrifted swimsuits are created equal. Yes, you will find ones with mystery stains from 40 years ago. But you’ll also find suits hanging up NWT from a year ago that someone wasn’t able to exchange.
  • Sanitizing is simple. A good wash does wonders, just like with any other clothing item. Still ‘icked’ out by the bottoms? Switch out the material with a DIY lining!
  • You’ll have more selection than what would be available to you at a retail store at a much lower cost. Plus, the option of finding vintage cuts, colors, and patterns is thrilling!

a smiling white female with brown curly hair is standing outside on a sunny day. she's wearing sunglasses, a colorful swimsuit, an oversized button up, and sandals.

My $10 Thrifted Swimsuit + How I Styled It

I did luck out finding my suit new with tags at a thrift store last year. The store specializes in secondhand AND retail overstock so they were quite literally swimming in swimwear!

Because of the abundance, they were running a special buy one, get one free. And at only $5 a piece, that was a deal I couldn’t pass up!

I actually visited 2 out of 5 store locations to try to complete a set. (If you’re in Wisconsin, the chain is called “Bargain Nook“) But my persistence paid off and I found a set I could mix-and-match for $10!

Styling A Thrifted Swimsuit With Colorful Clothing

My other swimsuit (that I still own and use for the occasional pool day) is black, so I was excited to have some color opportunities with my new-to-me thrifted swimsuit. I added some dressy options on top to make it appropriate to wear out and about, if need be on a vacation or summer outing.

Styling A Thrifted Swimsuit With A Kimono

If you’re trapezing on the beach, all you really need is some strong SPF and a cute cover-up like my thrifting white lace kimono!

Styling A Thrifted Swimsuit With A Cover-up

As much as I don’t want to cover this cute suit up, I did have a thrifted swim dress that matched perfectly. It’s great for extra sun protection or keeping my top half covered while I dip my toes in the pool.

Styling A Thrifted Swimsuit With Matching Shorts

Another way to style a suit to be street appropriate is a pair of shorts! I went with this pair of vintage high rise shorts.. that I also thrifted. Are you sensing a pattern here?

Tips for Choosing a Thrifted Swimsuit

Thrifting a swimsuit takes just as much time and effort as buying a swimsuit new at a retailer. I sifted through countless options, some… less than appealing. To save YOU time, here are my 3 top tips for finding the perfect secondhand swimsuit:

  • Inspect the garment for stretched out elastic or worn-out material. Some pieces can be saved but others are best left on the rack or thrown away.
  • Try it on over your clothes (wear something fitted like leggings and tank top to gauge the fit). This is both hygienic AND friendly for those without fitting rooms at their thrift stores.
  • Just like any clothing item, give it a good wash and sanitize it for peace of mind. Hand washing is usually best for delicate items like this – and even better if you use white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or antibacterial soap. Avoid boiling, a washing machine, or other heats as it breaks down the elastic and makes it unwearable.  On that note, remember to air dry it to retain it’s shape too!

a smiling white female with brown curly hair is sitting outside on a sunny day. she's wearing an oversized pink and white button up and reading a magazine.

Ready To Make Some Waves?

Thrifting swimwear is more than just saving money – it’s about making waves in sustainable fashion. My $10 find proves that with a little patience and an open mind, you can score amazing deals while reducing fashion waste.

Take the plunge and join the thrifted swimwear revolution! Tell me in the comments if you’re into this poolside style!

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