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Everything You Need To Know About Fashion Trends

Everything You Need To Know About Fashion Trends

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Fashion trends come and go.. but where are they coming from? And where do they go?

While I always advocate for cultivating your own personal style, I also believe there’s no harm in checking out the latest fashion trends to stay relevant, try something new, and have fun without becoming a fashion victim.

You never know when you’ll find a trend that just jives with your personal style and fits flawlessly in with your current wardrobe.

But how do you know what’s trending and what’s worth investing in?

By just being on this website you’re already staying in the style loop! Now let’s look at other ways people predict what’s popular…

What is a fashion trend?

First of all, a trend is something that has a surge of popularity among the general masses. And likely by the time you notice it happening, it’s almost on its way out.

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That’s because trends don’t have very long shelf lifes. They’re normally trendy because a lot of people aren’t wearing them and that makes the item covetable.

But once we all take notice, a trends lifecycles starts to wear out and people are ready for the next best thing.

Where do fashion trends come from? 

Generally speaking, nothing is actually new. Fashion trends on the runways are usually repeated every 20 years so they’re easy to predict. However, there are some exceptions!

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For example, a designer might mix and match from different decades or styles to come up with something relatively new.

Influencers are a thing now which make can make more obscure styles trend, not just those seen on the runway. Speaking of influencers…

How do fashion trends get big? 

Runways aren’t the only place trends are coming from (more on that below). With the rise of influencers, now the people we follow online can have a big impact on what’s trending.

They have the the power to sell out collections and help old trends re-emerge and look cool again.. all because they wore an item in a photo. (And likely had a genius marketing plan in place.)

Who decides what trends next? 

Influencers don’t normally pull fashion trends out of thin air. The trends actually start a little higher! While some influencers watch the runways for ideas, there’s a bunch of other methods we can all use to figure out what’s next in fashion.

• Follow large websites with fashion authority (My faves are Refinery29, Man Repeller, and Who What Wear)

• Browse fashion magazines online or a grab a tangible copy (Elle, Marie Claire, or Vogue are good ones to start with!)

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• Take a walk around the mall and observe what styles are carried in each store.

• People watch in a crowded space. Hey, maybe while you’re at the mall! Take notes of what everyone is wearing.

• Invest in a crystal ball (JK!)

How to create your own trends 

Just because influencers, models, and fashion tastemakers are following traditional fashion trends, that doesn’t mean you can’t start some of your own in your school, community, or workplace.

• Maybe you have a practical clothing trick that everyone around you wants to replicate. (Hello, like pairing tights with socks in the winter for extra warmth!)

• Invest in your personal style and buy things that make you feel good and express your personality. Over time, you’ll probably notice you’re attracted to particular pieces and that’s how you create trends in your own closet.

• Going off that, your friends and family will start to connect your clothes to your good mood and try out the styles you’re sportin’. Soon everyone will learn that there day goes better when they’re wearing leggings. Or maybe that’s just me?

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To trend or not to trend? 

A good rule of thumb, because trends are so fleeting, is to save yourself time and money by thrifting the trends you want to try. This is better on your wallet, the environment, and is easier to keep up with season after season.

And sometimes you can just get lucky if something starts trending that you already love because then you’re tres chic!

It’s ultimately your call if you’d like to try out a trend or not. Just don’t over-do it or else the fashion police will come a knockin’ on your door!

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