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How To Dress Like a Fashion Blogger on a Thrift Store Budget

How To Dress Like a Fashion Blogger on a Thrift Store Budget

clothing brands you can thrift recommended by fashion bloggers hannah rupp the outfit repeaterWho Are You Wearing?

There are two kinds of thrifters: the ones who buy what they like and the ones who seek out high quality brands to add to their closets.

I’m a little bit of both and try to keep an eye out for companies that jive with my style and have consistently worked on my body in the past. They include Lands End for solid staples, H&M for testing trends, and Old Navy for classic pieces with a twist.

I know I’m not the only one so I polled some of my favorite fashionistas to learn more about who they’re wearing.

Some of these girls are seasoned thrifters and others simply have an eye for good taste at mainstream stores. I think this balance will offer interesting insight into what we should be buying! I know I was surprised by some of their answers.

Let’s take a look at their picks and find out what makes their outfits so drool worthy on the ‘gram!

This post contains affiliate links & I may receive a commission if you click or complete a purchase through them.

Pam | @itspamdel

Pam perfectly embodies the message of this post as she has a unique style mainly comprised of thrift stores finds.

Brands she’s frequently seen wearing are:

Talbots, for their quirky patterned clothing

Woolrich, for vintage sweaters that are second to none


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Laine | @elainechaya

Laine is your go-to gal if you’re ever in a style (or life!) rut. Her entire Instagram page is goals!

Copy her looks by keeping an eye out for the brand Pretty Little Thing while you’re thrifting. You can’t top their fun and funky pieces to create a one-of-a-kind style.


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Deidra | @sincerelydeidra

Deidra is no stranger to a thrift store and has an amazing style to show for it!

Take notes of her ride or die brands that are appropriate for work:


Ann Taylor


NY and Company


And play:

American Eagle


Charlotte Russe



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Amanda | @sequinsandsales 

Amanda really lives up to her blog name of Sequins and Sales. She has the ability to make affordable clothes look like a million bucks!

Her number one brand to achieve her signature look is LOFT, because their colors and patterns stand out so much.


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Bryanna | @_cominginclutch

Bryanna has a knack for mixing colors and patterns all in one outfit! I think we could all take a page from her style notebook. ?

When asked where she gets the best pieces, she responded with Anthropologie because of it’s fun aesthetic. Their creative pieces make it easy to experiment with your style, plus you just can’t find stuff like it anywhere else!


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Kristen | @kbousq

Want to embody the tangerine dream that Kristen is living on her Instagram feed? Try searching for brands like Heartloom and JNSQ. You won’t be disappointed by what you find!


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Sam | @aww.sam

Sam constantly leaves me in ‘aww’ with her unapologetic use of color and style both in her outfits and home decor.

When getting dressed, she most often reaches for vintage brands like:



And contemporary brands like:

Mara Hoffman


Gorman Clothing



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Jamie | @jamie_jetaime

Jamie has a super adventurous style and is always open to trying new things. Her ‘gram really keeps you on your toes because you never know what she’ll wear next!

But I did learn about some of the labels she rocks like..




Lane Bryant (Fun fact: LB has been around for 115 years so it’s possible to find real vintage & antique gems by them!)

Diane Freis, which is a designer who made frocks in the ’80s that went up to a 2x! (She’s rocking one in the image below)

And even homemade!


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Get Your Thrift On

The best part about these recommendations is that it’s never been easier to try and buy them secondhand. With apps like thredUP, Poshmark, depop, Swap, and eBay; just type in your search term like “Calvin Klein t-shirt” and peruse the results until you find your perfect match!

Be sure to bookmark this page as a reference for the next time you’re in a thrift store or Pin it to come back to later. Happy shopping!



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