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Putting The YOU in Uniform Dressing

Putting The YOU in Uniform Dressing

Repeat After… You?

What’s your outfit uniform?

I recently analyzed over 100 outfits from my blog archive, and to my surprise, a pattern emerged!

I found myself gravitating towards outfits that included skirts, palazzo pants, and floral print.

It’s funny considering how much I love fashion, but apparently, even I fall into a comfort zone.

Why Should You Be an Outfit Repeater?

People choose outfit uniforms for many reasons whether it’s budgetary constraints, to reduce decision fatigue, or simply being unable to break long-standing habits.

Having a go-to outfit formula takes the guesswork out of getting dressed and streamlines your get-ready routine.

Are Some People Better Outfit Repeaters?

While some tend to literally repeat the same outfit formula day after day, others often repeat colors (i.e. all black or “purple” ladies) or have a go-to silhouette that they don’t stray away from.

Unfortunately, women especially are often held to a higher standard according to social norms when it comes to outfit variety. Men seem to get a pass for repeating outfits, while women might face social commentary.

There are surely double standards at play when it comes to judgment around repeated outfits. A person in a simple uniform may project an image of concentration and focus on more important matters to some. Others, however, may perceive the same person as lazy or lacking stylistic creativity. These are outdated notions we need to overcome.

How To Build Your Own Outfit Uniform

So, how do you build your own outfit uniform and stick to it despite potential negativity? Here are some tips:

  • Lifestyle First: Choose pieces that fit seamlessly into your daily routine.
  • Confidence is Key: Select items that make you feel amazing and radiate self-assurance.
  • Find a Signature: Find simple pieces with unique details like statement sleeves, eye-catching buttons, or timeless distressing. These can become your signature elements.

Having some personal touches will prevent you from feeling like you’re wearing someone else’s prescribed outfit.

How To Embrace Being an Outfit Repeater

Once you have a uniform, are you stuck in it forever? I think those in private schools or certain professions with strict dress codes can attest that uniforms get old, but if YOU get to choose the uniform, then you get to be very flexible.

Having control allows you to evolve the uniform to match your taste and mindset. You’re never truly “breaking” it because you decide what it means.

Your uniform should serve you, not the other way around. Evolve it as your taste and needs change over time. That’s what separates an inspired personal style from an obligatory one.

How To Respond To Outfit Repeater Shamers

Let’s talk about those awkward moments when someone calls you out for wearing the same outfit. Here are some witty (and truthful) responses you can have in your back pocket:

  • “Yes, and.. ?”
  • “Thanks for noticing!”
  • “Yup, you caught me!”
  • “It makes getting ready easier for me.”
  • And my favorite “Maybe I’m an outfit repeater but you’re an outfit remember and that’s just as pathetic!” – Lizzie McGuire

You could even ask them why it bothers them so much. The key is to not let their comments make you self-conscious about your choices.

Confessions of an Outfit Repeater

Everyone has their own reason to be an outfit repeater, and it might be worth it to try it for yourself – maybe for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Having a uniform takes out the daily stress of getting dressed and lets you focus your energy elsewhere.

While it may go against societal norms for women, choosing an outfit uniform can be an empowering form of self-expression. Don’t let outdated social conventions hold you back from finding what works best for YOU!



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