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Hey there! I'm Hannah Rupp. Fashion freelancer,
millennial thrifter, and (proud) outfit repeater.

I think RuPaul says it best, “We’re all born naked and the rest is drag!”



It’s true that nobody comes out of the womb knowing how to style themselves and I’ve definitely gone through my own learning experiences with clothes – many of those moments being documented right here!



I created The Outfit Repeater in 2015 to be a space that I would have wanted as a teenager growing up in Wisconsin. The kind where I could see how accessible fashion is despite your location, size, or financial situation.



The only thing I love more than a clearance rack or hand-me-downs would be thrift stores. Thrift stores have been an integral part of my style journey, allowing me to play with clothes and experiment with my personal style without blowing my small budget. No matter where life has taken me over the years, thrift stores remain a constant.



The other constants in my life are my love for the 1980s, cats, and the pursuit of the perfect pizza. 🍕



I’d encourage you to follow along to get loads of outfit inspiration, style tutorials, clothing hauls, and more all focused on thrifted, vintage, and affordable fashion.


Let me show you that life is sweeter as an outfit repeater!



Need to know more? Just scroll down for a FAQ & fun facts about your truly!

Life is sweeter as an
outfit repeater.



How long have you been blogging? I started my first style blog in 2009 and called it “An Old Story.” In 2015, I re-branded myself as The Outfit Repeater.


What kind of camera do you use? I currently shoot with a Canon EOS M6 with kit lens, tripod, and remote. Before September 2018, I shot with a Canon Rebel T3i and kit lens or Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 lens. You can steal my techniques in this post.


Where are you from? Wisconsin.


How old are you? I’m a second-wave ’80s kid that was born in 1991. You do the math!


Where do you work? I like to say “I work in fashion” because it really covers all the bases.


By day, I’m a social media manager for a clothing boutique. But at night, I love to write and create fashion content for this blog and my own social channels. And I routinely have my hand in fashion-related projects – just for fun!


My dream job is probably to be Cyndi Lauper’s best friend.


What do you do for fun? Go thrifting, play board games, read old magazines or The Baby-sitters Club book series, make jewelry, consume 1980s pop culture, take long walks through the cemetery.. pretty regular stuff.

What are your best thrifting tips? I’ve covered this in a variety of posts. Check them out:

What is your natural hair? My hair is naturally brown and wavy (2C/3B) but has lost a lot of its bounce as I’ve gotten older.


What’s up with your health? I have an invisible illness that’s described best as dysautonomia, which means my autonomic nervous system is dysfunctional.

I first developed symptoms in 2008 and got worse in 2012. By 2014, I was conclusively diagnosed with a stomach condition called Gastroparesis. By that point, it had lead to a significant weight loss. In 2021, with much persistence, I was finally diagnosed with POTS or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Then in 2022, I was diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. All are connected under the umbrella of dysautonomia!


Have you done any professional modeling or acting? I’ve gotten to participate in lots of fun projects over the years like blogging partnerships and modeling for local businesses online. But so far nothing professional or large scale!


Though I did have a role in a TV commercial for Travel Wisconsin but none of my shots were used. 


Maybe you’ve seen me here?


Can I send you stuff? I had a PO Box from 2016-2018 but closed it due to lack of interest. You’re still welcome to slide into my DMs


Can we be best friends? I thought we already were!

Throwback to 2011!

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