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Is The Buffalo Exchange “Sell By Mail” Program Too Good To Be True?

Is The Buffalo Exchange “Sell By Mail” Program Too Good To Be True?

buffalo exchange selling mail blog post

I’m sure a lot of you are cleaning out your closets and wouldn’t mind selling some of it online to make a few bucks to support yourself.

But what if selling online using Poshmark or Depop just ain’t your thing?

Online consignment stores are your answer!

I’ve sold my stuff to thredUP for the past 6 years with lackluster results (read about one of my more memorable experiences here) and finally decided it was time to try somewhere new.

After doing some research and then being bombarded by ads, I settled on Buffalo Exchange as the place that I would send my stuff to and see what kind of money could be made.

Curious how it went? Read on to learn more and find out if I would ever do it again!

What Is Buffalo Exchange?

Buffalo Exchange is a national consignment store with brick-and-mortar stores all over the country. They’re known for a unique, curated look with upscale and one-of-a-kind vintage items.

When you sell to them in-store or online, you’re provided with either a cash offer right away or your can accept a larger amount as a store credit.

According to a source, the clothing & accessories received by the “Sell By Mail” program are apparently “sent directly to one of our Buffalo Exchange stores across the country… items aren’t sent to a specific store, as we buy for all locations.” Which makes sense since you can’t actually shop Buffalo Exchange website.

I’ve visited various locations through the years and am always overwhelmed by the selection. They’ve definitely got their aesthetic and buying down to a science!

buffalo exchange selling mail blog post

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What I Sent

Based on what I know about the Buffalo Exchange style and what I read about on their website as to what they’re taking, I looked through my stuff and picked out 14 items that I thought had the most resale potential.

I also modestly estimated that if they bought everything I could earn a cool $50.

pink dress on pink background sent to buffalo exchange review

It seemed easy enough so I ordered a mail-in bag on April 19th. It arrived within 2 weeks.

The bag was much bigger than I anticipated so I took my time filling it, looking through every closet and drawer to make sure I’d have a suitable haul to send them.

I eventually sent the bag back in June with 13 of my top items. They received it June 17th and, because I signed up to receive text alerts about my sale, I was informed it would take 2-3 weeks to process and get paid.

How Much I Earned ?

On July 8th, 3 weeks to the day, I received another text to let me know my bag was done processing.

My face fell when I saw that I had the choice between $21.50 in store credit or $10.76 as a payout on PayPal. What happened to my fifty bucks?!

I guess I don’t know their customer as much as I thought I did and they only bought 3 of my items. I’m not sure which 3 items, either, as they only sent me a vague description that said “Accessory womens, tee shirt womens, and dress.”

buffalo exchange selling mail blog post

I chose the PayPal payout and was informed that they process payments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

True to their word, I received a PayPal payout that following Friday!

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Would I Sell To Buffalo Exchange Again?

All in all, everything I sent were things that I was either not wearing anymore or had unsuccessfully tried to sell myself so it was more than I would earn if I just gave the things to a thrift store.

And, according to their website, my unpurchased items will be donated to charity to help out deserving non-profits. That’s a silver lining!

But with the long wait time and such a small payout, I have no desire to try selling to Buffalo Exchange again.

Have you tried the “Buffalo Exchange Sell by Mail” program? What did you think? Let me know your feelings in the comments!

buffalo exchange selling mail blog post



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Kim Garcia
Kim Garcia
July 26, 2022 10:42 pm

I like Buffalo Exchange. There are two I can get to, to sell my clothes. They are always fair, I am a “seasoned” seller with them. But during Covid, I used the Sell by Mail program. Unfortunately I checked the donate what you don’t want box. I sent in $600 worth of really nice current trend clothing, designers I have sold them in the past. All went to donation. They did not offer me anything, ZERO. I think if they are REALLY busy, the sorters just see the donation box checked and throw your stuff in that bin. Some of them might take your items home. I would have been much better off waiting until I could get into the store or sell my clothes on eBay.

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