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1 Pair of Sunglasses, Styled 3 Ways ft. Giant Vintage

1 Pair of Sunglasses, Styled 3 Ways ft. Giant Vintage


What costs less than $20 and can be worn with every outfit you wear? If you guessed a pair of sunglasses, you’d be right!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post containing products provided by All opinions are my own.

Sunglasses are hands-down my favorite accessory but, I’ll be the the first to admit that it’s tough to thrift a good vintage pair. Because of that, it’s become increasingly appealing to turn to the internet to assist in my search. While hunting for some shades one day, Giant Vintage caught my eye.

Giant Vintage specializes in deadstock vintage and repros of iconic styles from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Is anyone swooning as much as I am?

I could go on and on about all the good qualities that sunglasses have but I think these three outfits prove the point of their versatility better than words! So here’s how I used one pair of sunglasses to flawlessly fit with three different clothing styles. First up…

A Vintage-Inspired Outfit with Sunglasses

The pair of sunnies I’m sporting are named Frannie. While I own a lot of sunglasses, I do not own a pair as unique as these. The best way I can describe them is like a clear rim, oversized, cat eye with green tinted lense. I may or may not have picked them because they went with my hair so perfectly..

They naturally have a vintage flair to them so this outfit was a no-brainer to put together. The floral blouse was picked up in my last thrift haul video and it was begging to be worn with my oldie-by-goodie polka dot shorts. With or without a cardigan, this outfit beckons to days of summers past.

sunglasses-green-hair-vintage-floral-thrifted-summer-outfit-05 sunglasses-green-hair-vintage-floral-thrifted-summer-outfit-02 sunglasses-green-hair-vintage-floral-thrifted-summer-outfit-03 sunglasses-green-hair-vintage-floral-thrifted-summer-outfit-01 sunglasses-green-hair-vintage-floral-thrifted-summer-outfit-04

Vintage Outfit Details
Thrifted top and bottom, $2.50 total
Beige Wal-mart cardigan, $1
Nude Outlet store t-strap heels, $10
Revlon lipstick in Really Red

A Street Style Inspired Outfit with Sunglasses

My style has been leaning towards the relaxed side so hard lately so I thought that would be fun to showcase that on the blog!

I’ve worn this striped crop top/denim shorts combo a few times for casual hangs and thrift store visits. The sunglasses just made me feel extra cool wearing it!

sunglasses-green-hair-striped-crop-top-denim-summer-outfit-06 sunglasses-green-hair-striped-crop-top-denim-summer-outfit-04 sunglasses-green-hair-striped-crop-top-denim-summer-outfit-02 sunglasses-green-hair-striped-crop-top-denim-summer-outfit-03 sunglasses-green-hair-striped-crop-top-denim-summer-outfit-05sunglasses-green-hair-striped-crop-top-denim-summer-outfit-01

Street Style
Thrifted top, shorts, and hoodie, $2.50 total
Purple Converse sneakers, gift
Kate for Rimmel London lipstick in Violet Frenzy

A Feminine Inspired Outfit With Sunglasses

At my last go wearing these sunglasses, I paired them with a kimono borrowed from my BFF, a flirty lace crop top, and my favorite high waisted denim jeans.

This look is laid back enough for a lunch outing or for doing some shopping with friends. Who wouldn’t want to get caught out in these sunglasses?

sunglasses-green-hair-pink-kimono-summer-outfit-06 sunglasses-green-hair-pink-kimono-summer-outfit-04 sunglasses-green-hair-pink-kimono-summer-outfit-03 sunglasses-green-hair-pink-kimono-summer-outfit-05 sunglasses-green-hair-pink-kimono-summer-outfit-02 sunglasses-green-hair-pink-kimono-summer-outfit-01

Pink kimono, borrowed
Target lace crop top and glittered sandals, $20 total
Gold necklace, gift
Thrifted high waisted jeans, $4
Wet’n’Wild lipstick in Mauve Outta Here


All in all, if you’re a fashionista on a budget, I would highly recommend investing in a couple of pairs of sunglasses. They’re versatile, easy to wear, budget friendly, and look darn good doing it!

Big thanks to Giant Vintage for selling sunglasses that are the bomb and teaming up with me today to make this post possible. Go forth and have an awesome #NationalSunglassesDay!

Giant Vintage sunglasses in the style Frannie, c/o



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Eccentric Owl
July 11, 2016 11:44 pm

These looks are all so good! Obviously my favorite is the vintage one, haha! I seriously envy that blouse. It is glorious. But I’m going to have to try a similar outfit to your street style one now that I have some highwaisted jean shorts, because it’s so cute and comfy looking!

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