Thrift Exchange Unboxing w/ Katie of ThriftYourHeartOut | Video

Thrift Exchange Unboxing w/ Katie of ThriftYourHeartOut

What do you get when you and a friend go thrifting for one another? You get a thrift exchange, of course.

It is always a treat to meet like-minded content creators on the internet, and Katie of Thrift Your Heart Out on YouTube is like a chocolate dipped ice-cream cone with sprinkles on top.

I “met” her a couple years ago and was instantly impressed with her mad thrifting skills. So I was bound to ask her if she wanted to participate in a thrift exchange.

A thrift exchange is simply buying thrift store items for another person and then passing them along. Katie is from California and I’m from Wisconsin so this is like our way of getting to thrift with one another.

To say that I was excited would be an understatement! We filmed unboxing videos (another internet term that’s basically like opening presents up on camera and giving your first reaction) so you could share in our excitement. The first video I’m going to show you is what Katie sent to me:

I am in awe of Katie’s thrifting skills! Is she amazing or what?

An exchange would not be complete unless you’re able to see the other half. Below is the unboxing video of what I sent to Katie. If you’re into cool clothes & quirky patterns, then I think you’ll dig it!

All in all, I am stoked with how well this swap turned out. It’s always easy to thrift for a friend when you know one another’s style well and I’d say that I’ve gotten to know Katie pretty good through her thrift haul + lookbook videos. I would highly encourage you to snoop around her YouTube channel, her blog, and all of her social media networks.

Thank you for catching up with us today! Who knows, maybe this will inspire you to organize your own exchange with a far-away friend.. or just to go for a fun solo thrifting trip? Either way, happy thrifting!



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June 22, 2016 9:59 am

so fun watching both your videos! You each found (and got!) great stuff!