May Monthly Thrift Haul Video in Two Parts!

Two thrift haul videos with clothes and household items shown.

My thrift haul this month was so big I had to split it up into two videos! Mo’ thrift haul, mo’ laughs, right?

I teased in my last post that I may or may not have had a good month thrifting and, well, the results are in. I did pretty darn good!

Because of all that I bought, I separated the haul into two videos: one is to show off all my household items and the other is to share all my clothing finds + outfits with you. This might even be a welcome change to anyone who prefers only one of those things over the other, or who only has a little bit of time to watch a video.

To get started, here’s the first video of me and Hulk Hogan going through my household items:

When you’re ready, here’s part two with everything else I thrifted which includes clothes, belts, and purses (and a little bit more of Hulk Hogan):

What did you think of a split thrift haul? If you’re not a fan, don’t worry. I’ll probably only do it again in the future if I accumulate too much stuff for one video!

Tell me about your thrift scores down in the comments. Did you find enough stuff to fill up two videos? 😉