What I Wore On My Summer Vacation

Outfit: leopard print dress, sky blue curly hair, black flats

What happens on summer vacation doesn’t always stay on summer vacation. Here’s where I went, who I saw and, most importantly, what I wore!

In my last post I said I was taking a break. Well, I’m back and ready to talk about it!

I spent my summer vacation being blue but in the best way possible. While my blog was on pause, I spent July dying my hair sky blue, chillin’ in leggings & tank tops, and playing as much Sims 2 as time would allow.

As for August, I took a spontaneous (well, actually, thoroughly planned out) trip down south. I spent a week scouring thrift stores and inhaling whatever that scent is they spray all over malls. The best part of that week came at the end when I donned a leopard print dress and visited the Tennessee Aquarium. Why? Because of who I met there.

Outfit: leopard print dress, sky blue curly hair, black flats, Tennessee Aquarium quote wall

I planned a meet-up with my best friend Lyndsey. The only thing was, we’d never met in person before! Our friendship formed organically through style blogging almost five years ago and I credit her with changing my life. Through following her health journey online, it inspired me to get my persistent nausea checked out, which turned my life upside down. (You can watch a video of me talking about that more in depth here.)

Do you know what it’s like to meet someone who changed your life? Well, it’s.. it’s life changing!

So we made a plan to wear matching leopard print dresses so we’d be able to spot each other in the wild. It was fantastic to hug her in real life, spend a day together, and pig out on Baskin Robbins ice-cream. That day is stored in my ol’ memory bank forever!

Outfits: leopard print dress, sky blue curly hair, black flats, white sneakers Outfits: leopard print dresses in front of quote wall at Chattanooga Tennessee Aquariam

You might recognize Lyndsey from the Shaped By Style blog or from her own blog Dressed in Mascara. She really lives up to the title of being a “Georgia peach” and she just might be your new favorite read on the internet!

Oh, it’s also worth noting that I was featured in the September issue of InStyle magazine, but you probably already knew that because I blew up my social media account with the news. What a thrilling summer vacation, huh?

I’m so stoked to be back to blogging! Catch me up on your life in the comments below. Or just tell me about the Olympics because I somehow never watched it at all. Sorry not sorry!

Photo credit: Lyndsey Mercer of dressedinmascara.com

Outfit: leopard print dress, sky blue curly hair, summer vacation, Tennessee Aquariam Thrifted dress, $1.23
Walmart black flats, $6