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TikTok Outfit Challenge: My Followers Pick My Outfit For 1 Week

TikTok Outfit Challenge: My Followers Pick My Outfit For 1 Week

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TikTok Outfit Challenge

Do you ever get in a style rut and just need to shake things up?

I started a series on my TikTok account about a year ago where I asked my followers to choose a number and it corresponded to a page in one of my outfit inspiration notebooks.

I have 2 notebooks so I would go the extra mile to pick the same page from each notebook and try to meld the two styles together.

It’s been a lot of fun and really helps me stretch my creativity and see new potential in my wardrobe!

I was down to just a few numbers so I thought I would do a 5-day outfit challenge where all the outfits were chosen by my TikTok followers. Maybe I’ll do this again in the future and try to pick 2 different numbered pages?! Time will tell! (No pun intended)

Sidenote: unless stated otherwise, it’s safe to assume that most of the clothes were thrifted!

Outfit Inspiration: Pastels & Polka Dots

The first pages of outfit inspiration immediately made me think of pattern mixing my polka dot pieces and wearing my pink coat. I’m totally stashing this idea away to wear for the right moment!

outfit inspiration notebooks on a furry pink rughannah is wearing a layered outfit which is a polka dot top and skirt with a pink sweater on top and a pink coat. she has black accessories on.

Outfit Inspiration: Pattern Mixing & Bright Green

When these pages were picked, I felt pulled towards wearing my bright green turtleneck and basically built the outfit around it.

It reminded me of “Gucci” in the midwest. My style doesn’t lean towards over the top but I can imagine a maximalist would really add some fun accessories and make this a look.

outfit inspiration notebooks on a furry pink rug hannah is wearing a green turtleneck with burnt orange palazzo pants. on top is an oversized furry leopard print coat.

Outfit Inspiration: Yellows & Rockstar

I think the perfect piece for this outfit inspiration combo would be a yellow moto jacket but because I still don’t have one, I settled for styling a cozy yellow cardigan. I wore it with a navy blue tunic, gray tights, tall boots, and a scarf around my neck in matching colors.

I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. I think it has the potential to be more so maybe I’ll revisit it in the future!

outfit inspiration notebooks on a furry pink rug hannah is wearing a blue scarf around her neck, a black mini dress, a yellow cardigan, gray tights, and tall gray boots

Outfit Inspiration: Bright Colors & Late 2000s Fashion

I’ve been collecting images to put in my outfit inspiration notebooks since the mid-2000s so some of the images are kind of dated. But fashion is cyclical so one day it’ll pay off!

All that to say, these pages were quite a throwback so I leaned into that with an outfit that basically recreated what I wore when I graduated high school in 2009.

I found the orange sequin mini dress at a thrift store last year and bought it only because I had the pink twin in high school. (It’s from Walmart which as I recently shared on TikTok was my go-to fashion destination as a teenager!)

outfit inspiration notebooks on a furry pink rug hannah is posing in an orange mini dress layered over a white tee, on top is a pink zip up hoodie. she's wearing cuffed skinny jeans and pink accessories.

Outfit Inspiration: Bohemian & Grunge

And last but not least—this outfit inspiration mashup was the most exciting of all to try.

My outfit, on the other hand, ended up pretty basic. Black leggings, a tee, and a layered cardigan is something I wear just to lounge around.

But I hope that since it’s new to you that it seems exciting!

outfit inspiration notebooks on a furry pink rug hannah is smiling wearing a graphic tee, chambray tunic, leopard print cardigan, and black leggings

Time’s Up!

What do you think of the outfits I created? What would you change or do differently? And how do you get yourself out of a style rut? Let’s discuss down in the comments!

If you’d like to see more short-form videos, please follow me on TikTok or Instagram.

TikTok Outfit Challenge: My Followers Pick My Outfit For 1 Week - the outfit repeater



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