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Come Thrifting With Me and NBC15 News!

Come Thrifting With Me and NBC15 News!

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hannah rupp and gabriella rusk are smiling in a Goodwill thrift store in Middleton, Wisconsin

Extra, Extra: This Is BIG News!

Walk a mile in my shoes in and you’ll end up at a thrift store. Gabriella Rusk, of NBC 15 News, found that out firsthand earlier in the month when we agreed to do a TV interview at Goodwill Middleton!

She followed me around the store while asking the hard-hitting questions about what it’s like to thrift clothes, as well as my background in fashion and blogging.

In honor of the interview airing this week (check it out online!), I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes photos and an outfit of the day!

What I Wore On TV

I put a lot of careful consideration into what I would wear to be interviewed on TV.

After changing about a dozen outfits, I landed on a completely thrifted look made up of a light blue sweater, red pants, red flats, and a yellow jacket.

My sweater and jacket were both found at Goodwill locations in the Madison area so it felt right to wear them!

hannah rupp is dressed in brightly colored clothing taking a picture in a thrift store fitting room

Inside The Goodwill Fitting Room

I think Gabriella was my good luck charm while thrifting because I found SO much to try on! This is how it ended up going in the fitting room. There were some hits, misses, and almost-perfect pieces.

Unfortunately, nothing felt completely right so I walked away empty-handed. Some days it just be like that!

Reality Bites

I continued my thrifting spree at a few more stores and ultimately bought a 1986 Golden Girls TV Guide at a vintage toy store. It’s been on my thrifting wishlist for a while so I’m glad I came across it!

These are just a few thrifted clothing items things I passed on. I wish I could take them all home with me but I don’t think my closet would like that very much. 🤣

All in all, it was a fantastic day! I’m very thankful for the interview and that everything went smoothly. And I had so much continuing the thrifting adventure with my mom when it was over and then eating pizza to end the day. (The perfect day ends with pizza, amirite?)

Let me know what you think of the interview or pop a comment below if you found my blog from it! I’d love to say hello! 👋



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