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10 Essential Outfits You Should Always Have In Your Closet

10 Essential Outfits You Should Always Have In Your Closet

Essential Thrift Finds For Your Wardrobe

If you had to start thrifting all over again, what would you buy to put in your closet?

Many of us, myself included, have faced a closet clean-out after weight loss or a style shift. While it can feel daunting to rebuild, it’s also an exciting opportunity to curate a wardrobe you truly love.

Whether you’re a recent thrifting convert or a seasoned pro looking to refine your collection, this post is for you.

We’ll explore the 10 essential outfits that form the foundation of a versatile and stylish wardrobe, all thrift-friendly and perfect for expressing your individuality!

So let’s dive into the essential pieces you’ll reach for again and again.

Essential Outfit: An Everyday Look

When starting from scratch, you should stock your closet with the absolute basics. This will look a little different for everyone, depending on your personal style.

But try to keep in mind jeans, a pair of leggings, a fitted top, a jacket or other topper, and comfortable shoes. That’s the start of many outfits to come!

white female wearing red lipstick, blue daisy dress, and black leggings

Essential Outfit: Something To Grab-and-Go

Even without a lot to choose from, deciding between the same casual outfit day-in and day-out can be mundane.

If the mental task of matching isn’t your thing, come up with a grab-and-go look that’s foolproof every time. This might be a dress, a romper, or your favorite suit.

smiling white female with mid-length brown hair, teal dress, and ballet flats

Essential Outfit: Office or Work-Appropriate

Speaking of suit, it never hurts to have some office attire in your closet. Whether you’re in the interview phase or have been in your career for years; having some basics will get you going.

Try tracking down a blazer that flatters your figure, matching dress pants, a skirt or nice dress, and shoes that will help you stand tall and feel confident.

white female wearing business attire - gray turtleneck, houndstooth blazer, black palazzo pants, and high heels

Essential Outfit: Pajamas

Sure, pajamas might seem like an afterthought compared to your trusty sweats, but there’s a certain magic to slipping into sleepwear designed for ultimate comfort.

And if the thrift gods smile upon you, you might even snag a matching set!

White female laughing while wearing pajamas - gray t-shirt and patterned pants

Essential Outfit: For a Dressy Event

It’s so important not to wait until you need something. I’m a big advocate of thrifting items in advance.

One unexpected event you might not thing of is formal occasions like baby showers or weddings.

Have something on hand in your closet that can easily transition through all of your big life events. A little black dress is versatile and great for outfit repeating without drawing attention to yourself for wearing the same dress to everything!

White female with short brown hair wearing a black wrap dress and black tights

Essential Outfit: Athleisure

Athleisure is great because it combines comfort and style. You can go from a yoga class to running errands without changing your outfit!

Athleisure offers many choices, from workout clothes to cozy leggings for relaxing.

Having a few athleisure pieces means you’re ready for an active lifestyle while still looking good and feeling comfortable!

white female with mid length brown hair wearing a teal tank top and patterned leggings

Essential Outfit: A Going Out Look

Life isn’t just about work and errands.

Keeping a special “going-out look” in your closet helps you be ready for fun times with friends or unexpected dates. It doesn’t have to be a fancy outfit.

A nice top with your favorite jeans can make you look great. Plus, a well-chosen going-out look can boost your confidence and make you feel ready for anything. This way, you can focus on having a good time and not stress about what to wear.

White female with mid length brown hair wearing a black jumpsuit and white denim jacket

Essential Outfit: For Outdoor Adventuring

Athleisure is great for daily comfort, but outdoor adventure gear is better for handling the elements.

Outdoor outfits include weather-resistant jackets, quick-drying pants, and sturdy footwear for hiking, exploring, or trail walking.

These items focus on functionality and durability to keep you comfortable and protected during your next adventure off the beaten path.

White female with short brown hair laughing wearing an orange and white striped shirt with a green zip hooded sweatshirt

Essential Outfit: Something Fun To Express Yourself

A “something fun” piece is essential for expressing yourself and adding joy into your wardrobe.

It could be a colorful necklace, a patterned shirt, or unique shoes.

These items don’t need to be bold, but they should make you smile and let you display your style beyond the usual!

White female with short brown hair wearing a pink tank top or rainbow-striped cardigan jeans and a yellow headband

BONUS Essential Outfit: A Work From Home Look For Zoom Calls

Work-from-home life might be comfy, but ditch the pajamas for Zoom calls.

This doesn’t require a full suit and tie, but having a selection of polished tops, comfortable yet put-together bottoms, and a light jacket creates a professional on-screen presence.

It sets the tone for work mode, even if your commute is from bed to desk.

White female with short brown hair looking down while wearing a red blouse mauve cardigan and a pair of skinny jeans

Ready, Set, Thrift!

So that’s a look at 10 essential outfits that form the foundation of a versatile and stylish wardrobe.

Remember, these are just starting points!

The beauty of thrifting lies in its endless possibilities. Use these essentials as a springboard to discover unique pieces that reflect your personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment, mix and match, and embrace the thrill of the hunt.

Happy thrifting!


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