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7 Underrated Clothing Sections At The Thrift Store

7 Underrated Clothing Sections At The Thrift Store

white female holding up a black sequined top in a thrift store

Underrated Clothing Sections at the Thrift Store

It’s easy to fall into the trap of sticking to what you know.

If you’re in a thrift rut and usually stick to the same routine, let this post be your inspiration to try some underrated sections of the thrift store to find new-to-you clothes. Trust me, some of the best finds are often hiding in the least expected places.

Let’s dive into the racks often overlooked by other shoppers!

Where To Thrift Accessories

Hats may seem intimidating, but don’t worry! They are worth the effort of searching them out and giving them a quick cleaning. Whether you like classic fedoras or bold sun hats, you’ll find one that suits your style.

I love hats that add personality and can also hide a bad hair day!

And don’t believe the myth that buying a used purse will bring bad luck to your finances.

Thrift stores sell many purses at much lower prices than regular stores. You can discover a quality leather tote for work or a stylish crossbody bag for a night out. A well-made purse can last a lifetime!

a hanging row of thrifting store purses

Uncover Thrifted Coats & Jackets

Thrifted coats are usually overlooked and only prioritized when the weather turns cold. But I believe they’re worth looking at year long and buying in the off-season!

You might find a timeless trench coat, a cozy puffer jacket, or a statement leather piece.

Look for classic styles made with high-quality materials – they’ll become wardrobe staples for years to come.

Beyond Denim: Secondhand Skirts & Pants

Seeing all those black pants at the thrift store might seem boring, but don’t worry! There are cool choices on the rack. Treat yourself to a pair of fancy dress pants for a special event. The thrift store has plenty of options for you to explore!

And, of course, the skirts have a special place in my heart. They’re a forgiving item of clothing that can be a reliable staple in your wardrobe!

a white female holding up a sequined patterned skirt in a thrift store

Don’t Sleep on Thrifted Lingerie, Pajamas, and Athleisure

I don’t get to the sleepwear section often but when I do, I usually score. So what could be hiding out on the racks that others don’t know about?

Think kimonos to be used as swimsuit cover-ups, trendy corsets, vintage nightgowns as dresses, and more.

Plus the nearby athletic wear is is a great place to find coveted sports brands, cozy sweatshirts, and leggings to pair with your tops and tunics.

a white female in a black hat looks at a rack of sleepwear in a thrift store

Borrow From The Boys: Thrifting The Mens Section

Depending on your size, the men’s section could be great for uncovering oversized sweaters, button-down shirts, and even tailored blazers.

And similarly, the little boys can be a goldmine for misplaced graphic tees, vintage polos, and other basic tops to fill in your wardrobe.

Beyond Just Bedding

Thrifty fashionistas know a secret: bedding can be transformed into fabulous clothing items!

A lightweight linen sheet can be a breezy summer dress, while a patterned flannel becomes a cozy oversized scarf. With a little creativity, you can unlock a world of possibilities!

the bedding section of a thrift store filled with shelves of pillows, baskets, and sheets

Bonus Thrifting Tip

Use your creativity and simple sewing skills to transform these hidden treasures into unique pieces that show off your style. Next time you go to the thrift store, keep in mind that the most awesome finds are usually in unexpected places!


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