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Clothes I Bought From thredUP vs. What They Actually Look Like

Clothes I Bought From thredUP vs. What They Actually Look Like

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What I Bought From thredUP

Do you ever buy something online and it ends up looking different in person? It happens to me all the time! And as a secondhand shopper, it’s none more important to share the ups and downs of ordering a one-of-a-kind item only to find out it’s a dud.

I’m a thredUP partner so every month I get a little shopping credit. Even without the incentive, I’m a huge fan of the online consignment store and have bought and sold clothes on there for many years. Sometimes I really score and other times I’m disappointed.

I ordered 4 items this month and 3 got sent back. Let’s dive into what happened and get a little outfit inspiration!

“The Cardigan”

If you follow me on TikTok, you might remember “The Cardigan” struggle I went through earlier in the month.

To summarize the debacle, I thought this cardigan was tan and bought it to replace a tan cardigan. It arrived and was actually pink but I didn’t need a pink cardigan because I have like 3. So do I keep it or not?!?!

Y’all jumped in the comments with so many creative ideas from upcycling it, to dying it, to holding on to it to see how I felt.

In the end, Goodwill of SCWI noticed something I had not – this “not tan” cardigan had POCKETS and my current pink cardigans did not! It was a no-brainer then to keep the new “not tan” cardigan. And I’ve already worn it quite a few times to lounge around in so I’d say it was a good call!

TIP: New thredUP customers can get $10 off first order. Click here to redeem!

Pink Raincoat

I wanted to love this raincoat. It was PINK, with pockets, a hood, a long length, and a zipper.. literally all my coat requirements.

But the more times I tried it on to test out around my house, the more I didn’t like it. The fabric was incredibly thin which wouldn’t help if there was cold rain (which most are). But what sealed its fate was the strange arm bands on the biceps. They’re a really tight elastic and seemed.. unnecessary?!

My mom suggested snipping the elastic out but we were both certain that would alter the shape of the arm and leave a strange outline.

In the end, I decided to send it back and let someone with smaller arms enjoy it.

Pink Mini Dress

I’m sure by the headline “pink mini dress” you can already guess how I felt about this. I do NOT like mini clothes! But the measurement online made it seem appropriate so I gave it a go.

Aside from the short length, the wide silhouette didn’t seem very flattering on me. I felt like I was swimming in fabric!

But I will say the color is DIVINE and I think it works well on other people. My Instagram friend @staygoldengirl has it and looks adorable! Alas, it’s not for me.

Pink Trousers

Now for the most disappointing buy of all…

At a glance, these pants fit my requirements – the right rise, inseam, and color.

After they arrived and I was pulling them out of the package, I immediately noticed dark gray streaks all over the hems. I didn’t remember any damage being noted in the description so I checked it and sure enough, they were described as “good condition, like new.”

Apparently, somebody didn’t inspect them close enough because I zoomed in closer in the photos and noticed the stains were visible online. (I never zoom in because I take thredUP’s word that something is in good condition. I’ll know better next time.)

I’m not quite sure what the stain was. It kind of looked like an ink transfer. But I didn’t want to mess with it and make it any worse. (I recently shared all my thrifted laundry disasters on my IG Stories. Needless to say, I don’t like “project” clothes.)

I also wasn’t impressed with the fit of the pants so it was no skin off my back to return them.


I have another thredUP order already on the way and keeping my fingers crossed that I love everything. But what will be the odds of that?! lol

Thank you for joining me for another thredUP thrift haul. Let me know in the comments what your favorite item was and how you would have styled it!

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