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My Updated Natural Beauty Routine

My Updated Natural Beauty Routine

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hannah is smiling in front of a solid yellow backdrop while wearing a bright yellow sweater

Putting My Best Face Forward

As I mentioned in my post about slow living, I’ve been making a lot of healthy and greener swaps in my life. I’m finally getting around to sharing my beauty products!

For me, makeup is both the easiest and most difficult item to upgrade. There are tons of amazing lines dropping every day but it can be tough to narrow down your preferred level of natural, budget, and finally color palette.

I’m going to break down what my preferences are, what my current line-up is, and what’s on my beauty wishlist in the future!

What Is Natural Beauty?

There’s not exactly one answer for what natural beauty is. It’s different for all of us!

For some, they prefer products to be made without certain chemicals, some people want 100% organic makeup, and others care more about the ethics and practices of the company they’re buying from. These are all totally valid!

My personal standards when buying make-up are reducing the number of chemicals going on my skin and in my body. (Just think about how much lipstick and lip balm you eat in your lifetime! ?) I also search out brands that are cruelty-free. I feel good knowing animals are not being used anywhere along the way.

Full disclosure: I’m not perfect. This is an ongoing project finding brands that I jive with, products that compliment my skin, and staying within a relatively small budget! Sometimes I slack in one area but I try not to beat myself up.

I think the fact that you’re even giving consideration to how you’re living and what you’re consuming and actively trying to make changes is HUGE!

My Current Clean Beauty Routine

graphic image with round-up of natural beauty products

Zion Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow PalettePhysicians Formula eyelinerBurt’s Bees blush in Shy PinkSupergoop! Superscreen Daily Moisturizer SunscreenbareMinerals Original foundationPhysicians Formula Organic Wear mascaraSky Organics lip balm – tarte Maracuja Miracle Mist Setting Spray

These are the staples in my beauty routine right now! There are a few products missing because they’re not up to my standards so I omitted them from this post. I’m still on the lookout for the right replacements! (See wishlist below)

My Clean Beauty Wishlist

So I’m looking for my perfect eyebrow powder, primer, concealer, lipstick, and highlighter. But I also want to focus on more refillable items, packages that reduce waste or can be easily recycled, and buying from more small businesses – especially women and BIPOC owned.

Here’s a start!

graphic image with round-up of natural beauty products

Bite Beauty lipstickMilk & Honey Highlighting Palette – Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo

Saving Some Green

Honestly, replacing an entire face of makeup can get expensive. Especially when certain products like mascara need to be replaced once or twice a year! (Hence why I’m using a drugstore brand.)

In an effort to try to save where I can, I use the following tips:

PRICE CHECK. Just because I found the perfect product on one website, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be less elsewhere. I browse around and price compare.

My favorite website in a pinch is using They almost always have free shipping, a stellar rewards programs with free samples, frequent sales, and make returns very simple – especially if you live nearby. (I don’t but I wish I did! haha)

SIGN-UP FOR NEWSLETTERS. I often get the best deals by shopping directly on a product’s website because they have such good incentives for signing up for their newsletter. Things like discount codes, free shipping, or the promise of more coupons in the future.

WAIT FOR SALES. I actually have a spreadsheet on my computer of when my favorite online beauty retailers hold their annual sales. I feel so dorky saying that! But it helps me to visualize when a sale is coming up so I don’t splurge ahead of time. I’d rather wait a few months and save a couple of bucks than pay full price. I’m cheap. Deal with it!

CUT COUPONS. Tangible coupons are still very relevant in the shopping sphere today. It takes a little work to find ones for natural products but they’re out there and it’s worth it! If all else fails, email your favorite brands directly and ask if they have any coupons or special discounts they can offer. You’d be surprised!

SHOP ON CLEARANCE. Brick & mortar stores are a bit tougher to predict when items will get binned in the clearance. I always try to check out the sale area of big box stores as well as the liquidators in my area. Liquidators (or ‘bent and dent’ stores) get in a huge variety of items so you never know what they have.

I love to reference this list of discount grocery stores in the US. Maybe there’s a store near you!

Lip Service

I’d love to hear your thoughts on natural and clean beauty products! What’s your holy grail item or something on your wishlist?

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hannah poses with her hands under her chin while gazing upward. she's in front of a yellow backdrop while wearing a bright yellow sweater.



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