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There’s More Than One Way To Wear a Vintage Coat

There’s More Than One Way To Wear a Vintage Coat

Got a vintage coat that you’re stumped on styling? Take some tips from me and my camel colored beauty.

Got a vintage coat that you're stumped on styling? Take some tips from me and my 1960's era camel colored shell coat.

The coat I’m wearing in this post was being given away at a nursing home in a “free” sale. I have no problem wearing an old persons clothes – especially when they look this cute! It’s in superb condition so I have to wonder if it was ever worn. (Maybe it was one of those “special occasions” coats, which is a rule I do not abide by!)

I tried to do some research online to get a better idea of the era or style it is, but came up empty handed. My best guess is it’s a 1960’s or 1970’s shell coat. This was determined by the makers label, as well as from the round, cocoon like shape and the exaggerated details on the coat. When you’ve been thrifting as long as I have, you’re exposed to so much fashion history and you start to pick up on things. So if you’re trying to find a twin, start with those search terms and hopefully you can find something similar.

Now, if you already have a coat like this, then here’s some ideas from my outfit archive to help inspire you to wear it!


Pastel ’80s Dream Dress
Not one to shy away from wearing head-to-toe vintage, I styled this coat with an ’80s counterpart and couldn’t get over how perfect everything looked together!


vintage-plaid-outfit-02 The Vintage Advantage
This outfit is a great example of mixing colors and neutrals to create a really simple, cohesive look. If you took away the bright tights, this would could look like it was ripped straight out of history.


vintage-pinup-winter-outfit-03This outfit post seems to have disappeared from my blog but it’s a loved look, nonetheless. I was aiming for rockabilly and think I totally nailed it with these high waisted jeans, graphic tee, and pinup makeup. (Which I made a tutorial for on Cut Out + Keep!)


fashion-blogger-02 How To Be A Popular Fashion Blogger
In an effort to poke fun at what’s popular online, I wore this coat to parody a fashion blogger. This is undoubtedly the most modern way I’ve ever worn it but I kind of like it??


home-alone-inspired-outfit-plaid-sweater-christmas-01 A Home Alone Inspired Outfit
Every time my sister sees me wearing this coat, she calls me “Kevin’s dad” from Home Alone. (She may even use it to find me when we get separated in stores. Ha!)

While his was a lot longer and more complex, I get the gist of the joke. So it was fitting to wear it to see Home Alone in theaters this past Christmas.


purple-tights-pink-hair-totally-1980s-outfit-01 Modern Musings and ’80s Style
This coat was more of an afterthought for this outfit but I love how it could almost convince you it’s an ’80s article of clothing. So tricky I am!


sequin-winter-style-swap-outfit-04 Swapping Holiday Styles w/ Mademoiselle Ruta
This is one of my favorite ways this coat has been worn because I’m obsessed with hose the light colored sequins look with the light colored jacket. I am always on the hunt for different or unusual color combinations and this one just catches my eye.


mint-sweater-secret-santa-pink-hair-christmas-outfit-08 A Stylish Surprise From My Secret Santa
One of my more recent wears found me wearing this coat with a lot of bright colors. No doubt I would have worn a pink coat, if I had one. But the camel colored one really made this outfit easy to replicate, I think.

Next time you reaching for a coat to finish your outfit and provide some warmth, try grabbing that vintage coat in the back of your closet. You just might be surprised by how it elevates your look and garners you a few extra compliments during your daily errands!



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Lyndsey M
Lyndsey M
January 28, 2016 12:16 pm

You’re so versatile with your best pieces! The only things I tend to be versatile with are accessories and cardigans lol. I have a black coat that is almost identical to yours, but mine is a new one I got from Ross! I wear it all the time in the winter, but never photograph it with my outfits!

February 1, 2016 11:28 pm

A vintage inspired camel colored coat is the only coat I currently own. Which is good because, as you’ve clearly demonstrated, it goes with everything under the sun.

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