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Thrift Haul Confessions: What My Thrifting Habits Are Really Like

Thrift Haul Confessions: What My Thrifting Habits Are Really Like

colorful September thrift haul hannah rupp the outfit repeater

Thrift Haul Confessions

I haven’t published an official monthly thrift haul in years but I think this blog post comes pretty close! Today I’m spilling ALL the tea on what I thrift, where I thrift, and how much I actually spend every month.

I hope this helps you on your thrifting journey and inspires you to give thrifting a chance!

Where I Thrift

I get asked a lot WHERE I thrift because I always seem to find “the good stuff” or pay next to nothing, which is unusual in most parts of the country. (Though I’ve thrifted in some major US cities and still managed to come out on top!)

For starters, I live in Wisconsin! I’m surrounded by small, rural towns and non-profit/volunteer-run thrift stores are everyyyyywhere, as well as trusty chains like Goodwill and Salvation Army. I think that makes a huge difference in the quality (ie: old stuff donated by lifelong hoarders) and the prices (volunteers don’t get paid so why not price everything at 25¢?!)

Another factor that’s unique to my situation is I am a low-income individual. I grew up in a lower-middle class family so we’ve always been very scrappy. We still don’t have a money tree so I make what little money I have go as far as possible! I frequently patronize community closets and clothing giveaways. If you’d like to learn more about that, I’ve written a post about how to find free stuff!

What I Thrift

Now let’s talk about the fun stuff – what I thrifted this month! September was very good to me. I was able to visit quite a few stores, estate sales, and flea markets. Here’s the goods and some details on each one!

colorful September thrift haul hannah rupp the outfit repeater

Clothes are the biggest thrift category for me month after month. I really love fashion! However, I’ve gotten very selective in the last few years as my interest in sustainability has grown, as well as I’ve really come into my own personal style and want to curate a closet that reflects my personality & lifestyle!

All of the clothes I picked up this month are from free places. I don’t normally take in so much but because I was out more in search of a piece for a Halloween costume, my thrift radar was tuned in more than usual. I think what I got will get lots of love in my closet!

colorful September thrift haul hannah rupp the outfit repeater

If you don’t know, now you know… I love magazines! I have a large collection of vintage magazines from the 1930s to today. My interest lies especially with teen and fashion magazines from the 1980s. Those are also the hardest to find so I grab whatever I can when I see it.

This entire photo was from a barn sale (does it get more Wisconsin than that?!) and cost me $20. That’s higher than I normally pay but the catalogs were $10 each and in very good condition. I know a good deal when I see one!

colorful September thrift haul hannah rupp the outfit repeater

I’m not a big mug person and have trouble finding ones that I connect with. However, these two stood out on the shelves of the thrift store.

The smiley face one is part of a growing collection and was only 50¢, while the 8-ball was at a smaller shop and was $5. I happily paid up for it because I’ve never seen one like it before!

colorful September thrift haul hannah rupp the outfit repeater

This collection of wrestling memorabilia is a little out of left field, even for me!

I’m a big fan of the Rock’n Wrestling collaboration that started in the 1980s, as well as old-school Wrestlemania. And I grew up watching Friday night WWF with my brother during the time that The Rock graced our TV screens.

So this collection is a bit nostalgic for me. I don’t think I’ll grow it much bigger. I need space for my fashion magazines! lol

colorful September thrift haul hannah rupp the outfit repeater

Lastly are a few 1980s music items – some vintage magazines and a Huey Lewis CD. These magazines are a bit closer to the ones I enjoy flipping through. And of course I love anything related to 1980s pop culture!

How Much I Actually Spend Thrifting Every Month

You’re probably scrolling through my haul trying to do some mental math and tally up how much I spent this month.

In the past for my thrift haul videos, I routinely spent no more than $40 a month. I think my budget is more or less the same these days but this month I did pay up for some unique pieces!

The total amount I spent this month is $56, give or take a few cents. (That does include a couple of things not pictured, like a butter dish. haha) All in all, not far off from my average!

colorful September thrift haul hannah rupp the outfit repeater

My Favorite Thrifting Tips

There’s a lot to take away from this post but if nothing else, you need to be consistent with how you shop. Visit stores more than once and go often! I walk out empty handed more often than not, but I continue to go back for the thrill of the hunt!

And also, shop at a variety of thrift stores. I know this isn’t always possible due to your living conditions, transportation, etc. But if you’re able to, I highly suggest you look up some thrift stores beyond your usual stops. You might be surprised by what you find!

Need some new locations in the Midwest? Check out my thrift store map for hand-picked places I’m happy to recommend!


What did you think of this haul? Do we have similar thrift routines or do you have a completely different tactic? I’d love to hear about it!

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