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An Arthur Read Halloween Costume

An Arthur Read Halloween Costume

how i dressed as arthur read for halloweenArthur Read Halloween Costume

Having fun isn’t hard when you’re dressed as Arthur Read for Halloween!

My Arthur Read Halloween costume is based on the titular character from the animated PBS show. (’90s kids know what’s up!)

But he might be better known from the myriad of memes made infamous on the internet.

While any number of characters from Arthur can be made into a costume or a group costume, I think you can still get recognized dressing solo as Arthur.

I mean, how many other anthropomorphic aardvarks do you think go out on Halloween?!

Anyway, here’s the story of how I came up with my Arthur Halloween costume and some helpful tips for recreating it!

Why I Dressed As Arthur Read

My main inspiration for dressing as Arthur is because he’s a beloved character in our household. We’ve been watching Arthur since day one!

arthur read halloween costume

How I Put Together My Arthur Costume

I realized Arthur’s outfit was super simple to put together and I had all the pieces in my closet to pull it off!

For the most part, everything I’m wearing is secondhand or thrifted, save for my Maurices jeans and Zenni Optical bluelight eyeglasses.

I’ve seen different variations of Arthur’s ears, with most people opting for a headband attachment. I thought it would be cute if I styled my hair into little space buns! My hair is rather short but I somehow made it work. I love adding that unique touch to my costume – and it cost me nothing!

arthur read halloween costume An Arthur Read Halloween Costume fist meme

Tips For Creating Your Own Arthur Read Halloween Costume

If you’re going to dress as Arthur for Halloween, here’s some other ideas to add to your costume to customize it:

  • Take your small pup for a walk and have it stand in as “Pal”, Arthur’s dog!
  • Have your friends or family dress up as the main characters from the show and present as a group costume
  • Carry an Arthur book or DIY his library card to show off to people
  • Stand in the corner of a party and make a fist, ala the Arthur meme!


Thank you for checking out this costume! There are lots more where this came from. If you enjoyed it, please be sure to Pin it or tag me on Instagram so I can see your fit!

An Arthur Read Halloween Costume



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