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My Freakin’ Napoleon Dynamite Character Halloween Costume

My Freakin’ Napoleon Dynamite Character Halloween Costume

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My Freakin' Napoleon Dynamite Character Halloween CostumeGrandma Dynamite Halloween Costume

Break the Internet, not your coccyx, with this Napoleon Dynamite-inspired Halloween costume!

If you can’t tell, this costume is based on the character known as Grandma “Carlinda” Dynamite, played by the incomparable actress Sandy Martin.

She’s sassy, mysterious (going to the dunes?!), and has the sharpest humor of everyone in the movie.

Her look is also very iconic so it was fun to recreate for a Halloween costume!

If you’re going solo this year or dressing in a Napoleon Dynamite group costume (don’t forget Deb!), here’s everything that went into putting together my Grandma Dynamite Halloween costume… it’s sure to get a laugh!

Why I Dressed As Grandma Dynamite

Dressing up as Grandma Dynamite has long been on my Halloween to-do list, I just didn’t think I had what it took to pull it off. My real-life persona is very colorful, which is Grandma’s exact opposite.

grandma from napoleon dynamite halloween costume by hannah rupp the outfit repeater

But there’s been a growing running joke on my Instagram account with all my Napoleon Dynamite references that I felt like it was OK to just do my best and have fun with the costume.

How I Put Together My Grandma Dynamite Costume

To put together my Grandma Dynamite costume, I went digging through my 72-year-old mom’s closet. Her wardrobe is full of cat and butterfly shirts as worn by Grandma Dynamite in the movie.

The jeans are my own, that I thrifted, as well as the wig. I know there might be an “ick” factor to thrifting an “old lady” wig but after properly washing and sanitizing it, I’ve never had any issues.

Lastly, I took a pair of aviator sunglasses from Dollar Tree and punched out the lenses, tied some string around the stems, and wore that around my neck!

Tips For Recreating Your Own Grandma Dynamite Costume

To really sell the costume, it’s important to embody Grandma’s personality. In the movie, Grandma is known for her funny one-liners and her love of animals. You can practice her voice and her mannerisms to really get into character. Don’t forget to add a few of Grandma’s signature phrases to your Halloween vocabulary, such as “Make your own dang quesadilla!”

If you’re going to be part of a group costume idea, consider having your friends dress up as other characters from Napoleon Dynamite. You could have someone dress up as Napoleon himself, or even as Uncle Rico, Kip, or Deb. Together, you’ll be the hit of any Halloween party.


Thank you for checking out this costume! There are lots more where this came from. If you enjoyed it, please be sure to Pin it or tag me on Instagram so I can see your fit!

grandma from napoleon dynamite halloween costume by hannah rupp the outfit repeater



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