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Mini February Thrift Haul + Finding My UNICORN Thrift Item

Mini February Thrift Haul + Finding My UNICORN Thrift Item

Mini February Thrift Haul

A thrift haul? Who is she?!

Don’t call this a comeback as it won’t be a regular occurrence but I had a recent thrift outing that was too good not to share.

I went into the day with little expectations as I’ve found less and less over the years. But this day the thrift gods smiled on me and helped me find one of my unicorn thrifting items – for free, no less!

Without further ado, let’s jump into the thrift finds and see how I styled them!

How I Styled My Thrift Finds

My thrift morning was a mix of off-brand stores, including a local community closet where clothes are provided for free to anyone who could use them.

I ended up finding this fabulous furry red jacket, black leather trench coat, and men’s cat print button-up at the community closet.

Then I found nothing at stop number 2. Just the thrift gods keeping me humble.

And at my third stop of the morning, I found a vintage magenta cropped cardigan, a long striped pink and white button-up, and the most fabulous 1980s cropped sweatshirt with the words “CAMP BEVERLY HILLS” on it. (Which I mistook for Troop Beverly Hills—no doubt both are amazing.)

Thrifting My Unicorn Item

I’m a huge fan of having a thrifting wishlist and “manifesting” the items you want in your closet. All my patience has paid off because I found a Harvard University sweatshirt!

I’ve had my thrift friends all over the country helping me look for one for years. And I’ve contemplated dropping $40+ many times for one on the thrifting apps.

But on this day, the thrift gods hung it on the rack at the free community closet. In my size. Great condition. Dreams do come true!


Thanks for sharing in my thrift haul excitement! I’d love to know what one of your unicorn thrifting items is. I’m sending lots of good thrifting vibes that you find whatever it is!

Please be sure to add this post to Pinterest or share it with a friend for good thrifting luck. ?

Mini February Thrift Haul + Finding My UNICORN Thrift Item - hannah rupp the outfit repeater



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