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My Style Goals For The Year + How To Set Your Own

My Style Goals For The Year + How To Set Your Own

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New Year, Better You

Happy new year! Now is the best time to think about who you want to be in the new year. From a clothing point of view, you may finally be ready to make some big changes!

I’m here to share my own style goals and help you set some for yourself. Let me know what you’re working on in your closet for 2023 and if we have any of the same style goals/resolutions/wishes!

2023 Style Goal: Fill In Color Gaps

I love color! I’ve spent the last couple of years cultivating a bright and bold color story in my closet.

Despite my efforts, I’m still missing a few colors. Namely PINK and PURPLE. (How am I missing pink?!)

So that’s definitely something I want to work on in 2023!

the outfit repeater set style closet fashion goals for new year, pink flatlay with accessories and sweater

2023 Style Goal: Shop More Individual Secondhand Sellers + Small Businesses

Thrifting is my ride-or-die, as evidenced by partnering with thrift stores or thredUP over the years.

But I’d like to share the wealth even more by buying more from individual secondhand sellers or small businesses with ethical, sustainable, and size-inclusive collections.

What better way to give back to those who follow me and support MY fashion dreams than to support someone else with big fashion dreams?!

2023 Style Goal: Find The Perfect LBD

Finding black clothing is fairly simple, as it’s one of the most popular “colors” to wear. But finding the perfect little black dress? It still eludes me.

I’ve compiled a short “wishlist” on thredUP of dresses I’ve come across that serve as inspiration. I’d like it to have fun sleeves, a modest length, and a unique neckline. Overall, it has to be something that can be dressed up, dressed down, or styled in a playful way.

2023 Style Goal: Invest In Better Shoes & Denim

I had a goal of buying better denim last year and am still committed to it again.

the outfit repeater style goals for new year, pink outfit flatlay, denim purple moto jacket and boots

This time I’m adding an additional challenge of finding higher-quality shoes. I rarely spend more than $30 on a single pair, secondhand or not. While I do have a good selection of shoes, the quality is lacking which means they wear out easily, are unsupportive, or are just in poor condition overall.

I wear a size 11 which makes it tough to find what I like, and what I need, in my price range. But I’ll keep looking!

2023 Style Goal: Narrow Down Sock Collection

My sock collection is a big ol’ mess. I technically did narrow it down, weeding out the ones with holes. But then I got the bright idea to stitch them and fix them which then increased the population again. Oops.. or a win for the environment?!

How To Set Your Own Style Goals

All of these goals are nothing without inspiration or intent! Here’s how I came up with the goals/resolutions and how to set your own!

  • Create a vision board and mood board. Both are helpful in getting a big picture of what your style is now and where your style is headed.
  • Evaluate your closet. Match it up with the aforementioned boards and see where you could work on things.
  • Think about how you can be better. Nobody is asking for perfection but is there an area of your closet you’re slacking on? Do you need a better fitting bra? Or is it time to finally donate your pre-pregnancy clothes? Do some reflecting and consider them as goals.
  • Get help from a friend. Sometimes, when we’re in our closets day in and day out, we’re too close to see issues or the systems we have in place not working. Have a (trusted) friend step in to give you some guidance. Maybe you need better organization or there’s a gap in your clothing needs. Work that out with your advisor!
  • Listen to your closet. Maybe you don’t NEED anything – there’s not a product or item you need. Maybe you just need to reconnect to the clothes in your closet. A goal might be to reorganize it, play in it more, or wear all those hard-to-style items once and for all!

Wear To Go From Here

Just by reading this post and reflecting on the different points, you’re setting big things in motion in the universe! I’m so excited for us to step into this year – hopefully wearing really fabulous shoes – and see what happens.

Please follow along if you’d like more outfit inspiration and thrifty shopping resources. Also, be sure to Pin this post to reference later or share it with a friend who needs some motivation!

My Style Goals For 2023 + How To Set Your Own |



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