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9 Fun Ways To Wear Flare Denim Overalls

9 Fun Ways To Wear Flare Denim Overalls

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How To Wear Flared Denim Overalls

My flared denim overalls from Maurices have quickly become a wardrobe staple for me. I bought them a few months ago and just love them!

While they’re not much different than wearing ordinary flared denim, they can seem intimidating.

If you’re wondering what to wear with them or you’re not sure how to make them work, don’t be afraid! These 9 outfit ideas prove that flare denim overalls can look chic and stylish.

Styling Flared Denim Overalls: With A Moto Jacket

A quick way to toughen up any outfit, not just one with denim overalls, is to add a moto jacket. This adds an edge that helps balance out the youthful association of the overalls.

Styling Flared Denim Overalls: With A Retro Scarf

Flared denim feels like the trendy jeans of the 1970s! Play into that by adding a fun printed scarf to tie everything together. (No pun intended!)

Styling Flared Denim Overalls: With Different Top Options

There are no rules when it comes to wearing flared denim overalls so have fun and experiment with different tops. I love the juxtaposition of a ruffly top underneath or the contrast of a big fuzzy sweater.

Styling Flared Denim Overalls: With A Jacket On Top

A jacket helps add dimension to an outfit and can also help hide any areas you’re not comfortable having exposed by wearing a one-piece denim garment. A cropped jacket or long blazer are both good options! (Sequin pizza shirt: optional)

Styling Flared Denim Overalls: With a Cardigan

Going back to the idea that flared denim feels very vintage, I paired them up with a thrifted graphic tee and a long cardigan. If I had a truly long duster cardigan, I think that would make this throwback-inspired outfit even better!

hannah is smiling in front of a pink background. she's wearing a yellow graphic tee, long brown cardigan, and flare denim overalls

Styling Flared Denim Overalls: For Work and Play

Here are some others ways I’ve worn these flared denim overalls at work (as a social media manager at Maurices) and during my time off on a thrift outing. Clearly I love tying a button-up around my waist to add a little extra pizazz!

Tips For Styling Flared Denim Overalls

This round-up of outfits I created from my closet is not even an exhaustive list of ideas on how to style your own denim flared overalls. A few tips I would give when digging into your own closet:

  • Play around with layers (jackets, extra shirts, etc)
  • Try out tops with different weights and textures for a unique combination
  • Flats and sneakers are great for casual vibes, while heels give your look a retro feel

And, once again, just experiment and have fun!

Please Pin this post to reference later and leave a comment if you have another outfit (or post) idea you’d like to see me create!

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