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12 Ways To Wear Colorful Palazzo Pants

12 Ways To Wear Colorful Palazzo Pants

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Stumped On Styling Palazzo Pants?

I’m sure you’ve seen those pieces of clothing that you just don’t know how to style or pull off. Pieces that are hard to style are truly the most fun because then you get to figure out new ways to style them yourself!

Palazzo pants are the ultimate in versatility for creating a multitude of outfits. I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to a pair of teal palazzo pants that I recently thrifted.

If this post doesn’t inspire you to want to buy palazzo pants, I don’t know what will!

12 Ways To Wear Colorful Palazzo Pants |

How I Thrifted My Palazzo Pants

Before I share my 12 outfit ideas, I wanted to tell you the quick story of how I thrifted my palazzo pants.

I found them at Goodwill Janesville (WI) during a particularly good thrift outing. My cart was overflowing with fun, colorful pants, but most ended up not fitting or passing the vibe check.

As soon as I put on these teal palazzo pants, it was an instant yes for me. I started hopping around the tiny fitting room with excitement. Then my excitement grew even more when I realized they had new tags on them, and the thrift tag color was half off that day!

For the curious, these are “A New Day” brand (sold at Target) in a size medium. I’m normally a small/6, so they’re a little roomy in the waist, but cute and comfortable nonetheless! (Here’s a link to a similar pair currently being sold on Target)

Styling Palazzo Pants With… A Jacket

The flowiness of palazzo pants contrasts nicely with a structured jacket like a moto jacket or cropped denim jacket. It helps streamline the outfit and balances the proportions really well.

Styling Palazzo Pants With… A Colorful Blouse

How do you style a colorful piece? The answer: with even more color! I chose tops that match, contrast, and complement the bold teal of the pants. I also did the same with my shoes – choosing sneakers, ballet flats, and high heels. I just kept mixing things up for new looks!

Styling Palazzo Pants With… A Fun Top Layer

These 3 outfits were purely FUN! A cat vest, slouchy knit cardigan, and vintage sweatervest just add to the playfulness of the palazzo pants.

Styling Palazzo Pants With… A Statement Coat

Palazzo pants are one of those pieces that can be worn year round if styled correctly. For cold temps, layer heavily under them and wear a coat on top for added warmth. For warm temps, use the breezy fabric to your advantage and pair them with a tank or pretty cami!

Playing Favorites With Palazzo Pants

This is just a small sampling of how versatile palazzo pants can be in your life. Let me know which outfit(s) you love AND Pin your fave to recreate later! ?

12 Ways To Wear Colorful Palazzo Pants |



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April 10, 2023 11:38 am

This is good cause I’ve gotten pink corduroy trousers that kinda look like this 🙂

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