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Outfit Photo Dump: What I Wore To Work At Maurices

Outfit Photo Dump: What I Wore To Work At Maurices

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Outfit Photo Dump: What I Wore To Work At MauricesWhat I Wore At Maurices

It’s time for another round-up of outfits that I’ve worn to work at Maurices!

Are you new here and wondering what I do at Maurices? That’s a good question!

I am a social media manager that creates content (photos and videos) and posts to the social media pages of a local Maurices store.

My day-to-day tasks usually consist of working from home, keeping up with social trends, writing copy, and editing posts.

But at least once a week, I go into my actual store to get familiar with new products and take photos and videos.

When I’m in the store, I try on a lot of clothes and take a lot of pictures which I can then share with you here on my fashion blog!

Here’s the latest in what I wore while working. Almost everything is current Maurices. Let me know if you need a style number or direct link!

Outfit Repeating in Overalls

I have to start this post with these glorious flared denim overalls I recently bought from the store. I had been eyeing them for over a month because they looked similar to a pair on my thrifting wishlist.

A sale came around and I decided to snatch them up. They were worth every penny! The denim is stretchy so I can really get down and move around during my shifts.

I repeated them back-to-back because they’re just that good. I just changed out my sneakers and shirt to get a slightly different look.

Fit note: I’m kind of between sizes right – about an 8 – but bought the 6 because I knew these were stretchy. It was a good call. I could almost go down to a 4!

Hats Off To This Look

This billowy patchwork blouse didn’t stick around in our store for very long. It’s so gorgeous and was fun to dress up with faux leather pants for a date night inspired outfit!

hannah's smiling wearing a black hat, billowy pink top, and black faux leather leggings

Keepin’ It Casual

Is she going on a walk, running errands, or catching up with her friends for coffee? The girl wearing this look is probably doing all of the above AND she’s pretty freakin’ comfortable.

hannah is standing with her hands in the pocket of a maroon vest and is wearing a striped sweatshirt and tan cargo pants

Yeehaw For Fall Fashion

Fashion is all about having fun and experimenting with different looks. This western-inspired outfit is definitely different for me but it achieved the task of showing off new arrivals. Plus it’s cute to boot!

hannah is wearing a tan wide brim hat, red plaid button up over a matching sweater, and light wash denim

Halloween Costume Ideas from Maurices

While Maurices has a lot of categories (womens, girls, home, PJs) they don’t do Halloween costumes. So I got creative and pulled pieces from the floor that could be re-imagined into fright night looks.

Below are an animal, Barbie/Elle Woods, FBI agent, and a farmer with her scarecrow. This challenge was a blast!

Getting Red-dy For The Holidays

Again with these overalls! They’re great for wearing when you don’t know what to expect during a shift – like spending 2 hours sitting on the floor making wreaths in a fitting room!

The wreaths are part of our holiday floor set and were meant to be put together by the associates. I happily accepted the task because I love crafting. It really was a lot of fun! (My fingers full of papercuts wouldn’t say the same though lol)

hannah is standing in a fitting room, holding a christmas wreath. she's wearing a red long sleeve top and denim overalls

Channel The Flannel

It’s not fall (or the holidays) without a lot of plaid and flannels.

My personal wardrobe is lacking but thankfully I have a store full to choose from and play with when I’m putting together outfits at work. This was a look to share some new arrivals. I love how each piece is pretty basic but when you put it all together, you get a really chic ensemble!

hannah's standing in front of a mirror wearing a red top with a blue plaid button up over the top, denim skinny jeans, a black wide brim hat, and black lug sole boots

Thrifted Things

I thought I’d end this round-up with an all thrifted outfit (except the boots) I was wearing when I got into the store. It’s a little casual and a lot kick-ass!

hannah is smiling wearing a black and white striped tee with a black hoodie and denim jacket layered over it. she's wearing olive green skinny jeans and black combat boots.


That’s all the outfits I have for right now. Be sure to Pin your favorites and follow along to see more! ?



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