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An Honest, Unpaid Review of Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Service

An Honest, Unpaid Review of Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Service

gwynnie bee review hannah rupp the outfit repeater honest unpaid

What Is Gwynnie Bee?

A subscription service you’ve probably heard some buzz around is Gwynnie Bee. It was originally founded in 2011 as an online clothing subscription service that allowed plus-size women to access an unlimited wardrobe.

I’ve previously tried it at a US size 18 and when I heard they recently opened it up to all sizes, I knew this would be a great opportunity to try it out again and see what’s changed.

What Makes It Different?

I’ve written about other monthly subscription services like Redbird VintagethredUP, and Letote in the past so you might be wondering how Gwynnie Bee is different. Simply put, YOU choose the clothes you want to try. Plus, there’s no limit to how many boxes per month you can acquire!

All you do is pay a flat rate every month, fill up your closet, and they’ll send you whatever your heart desires. If you love it, you pay for it and keep it forever. If not, send it back, free of charge, and try again.

gwynnie bee review hannah rupp the outfit repeater honest unpaid

What I Thought

I used a one month free trial to see if I would like Gwynnie Bee. In that time I received three boxes with two items in each one. Before I jump into all the cute clothes, here’s what I thought of the overall service:

• The service was quick, shipping was fast, and the box it arrived in was adorable.

• There was a unique selection of clothing from a variety of brands, though many cuts felt exactly the same. Ie: lots of trapeze dresses and boxy sweaters.

• I like the positive, inclusive message that the brand promotes and how great they are at community building. They are always the first to like your #selfies and re-share you with their followers. Love that!

• Getting a discount on the items in your box was a perk! I was never clear on how much (a straight %?) but the clothes were very affordable.

• While the packaging was cute, I never received any notes or instructions in the box that specified what clothes I recieved, how much they were, etc. There were also no tags attached to the clothes to indicate if they were from GB, which could pose a problem if they got mixed up in my closet!

I would have bought more if I knew right away (without looking at my account) how much cash I was potentially dropping on a single item. Or worse, falling in love with an item and then finding out it was too expensive!

• The lowest monthly box is 1 item for $49. Hardly worth it. Save your money and use a free account for the same effect. You get to pick up to 10 garments, for free, try them on at home, pay for what you love, and then send back what you hate in a 30 day period. You can even sign-up as a new customer using my referral link and get $25 to spend right away!

What Clothes I Got

Now, the most important part of a review, THE CLOTHES!

Before I make any clothing purchases, I want to make sure an item can be worn at least 3 different ways with what I already have so that’s how I conducted my test. All but one item passed. Scroll down to read more!

(Tip: Click a photo to enlarge it and Pin it for future outfit inspo!)

Box number 1: Brown teddy coat, gray houndstooth blazer.

What did I think? I’ve always been curious about the teddy coat trend so I gave this one a go. It was truly one of the softest coats I’ve ever worn but also majorly thin so I don’t know what weather you could even wear it in?

A gray, houndstooth blazer like this has been on my thrifting wishlist for awhile so I wanted to try this one to make sure I’d even like the style on me. Spoiler alert: I did. A LOT! It was perfect and just motivated me to find the perfect one within my budget.

Box number 2: Pink floral dress, blue striped mock neck top.

What did I think? I was surprised when this pink dress arrived because I don’t remember adding it to my closet. Despite it not really being my style, I still had fun playing dress up in it.

On the flip side, this groovy striped turtleneck was just for me. However, I didn’t purchase it because I was oblivious to the price and ended up sticking it back in the bag before I could check. #lostsale

Box number 1: Striped sweater, coral blouse.

gwynnie bee review hannah rupp the outfit repeater honest unpaid

What did I think? This striped sweater was giving me life! It was made of the softest material and I loved the casual fit. I pondered buying it for quite a while but ultimately passed because I thought the dark colors would be too limiting in my closet.

The coral blouse was a fail for me. And because no stylists was involved, I only have myself to blame. The beautiful bell 3/4 length sleeves kept riding up, which was weird, and the line on the bust felt like a matronly detail. Not for me!


This was fun but I don’t think I’ll be longing to use the services of Gwynnie Bee anytime soon. I would, however, encourage you to make your own judgements and see if it’s a better fit for you.

I have a referral link where you can also try a 30 day free trial plus get $10 off your first paid month (if you make it that far). If you do it, please come back here and let me know what you think!



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