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An Honest, Unpaid Le Tote Review | Fashion Rental Service

An Honest, Unpaid Le Tote Review | Fashion Rental Service

Fashion lovers rejoice! This is a real, unpaid Le Tote review where I’ll tell you what I really think and if it’s worth getting your clothes through their subscription service.

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored in any way. Just a regular person testing out a service! However, it may contain affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Thanks for supporting my blog!

What is Le Tote?

Le Tote is a fashion rental service where you pick out clothes to try, as often as you want, and can then decide to purchase them directly through their website with a discount.

There’s different tiers to the service, each with their own once monthly cost. But the gist is you get a few garments and a few accessories. The shipping is always free both ways and they include a bag to ship everything back in.

An Honest, Unpaid Le Tote Review | Fashion Rental Service

The pros of Le Tote

There’s so much risk with online shopping so my number one favorite thing about Le Tote is getting to test clothes out without the commitment of buying them. This is an online shopping dream!

I’m impressed with the selection of clothing. They had brands that I really liked and clothes I was eager to wear. You get to pick out what you want to be sent so every box is a perfect match!

The deep discount you get by purchasing through them is great but I have noticed that a few items marked down were even less on the official store site. It’d be handy if they price-matched!

I have not had any reason to personally contact them so I can’t comment on their communication but signing up was easy and I was sent email updates every step of the way. In that aspect, they’ve been very helpful!

My first box included a descriptive card of what I was sent as well as a free measuring tape. Free stuff is the way to my heart!

An Honest, Unpaid Le Tote Review | Fashion Rental Service An Honest, Unpaid Le Tote Review | Fashion Rental Service

The cons of Le Tote

No service is perfect. While Le Tote does have a lot of great features, here’s what I don’t love so much.

It’s only available in the US and just to the contiguous 48 States in the US at that! I know the pains of shipping/costs but I hope they expand in the future!

The sizing is currently exclusive to straight size, XS to XXL, or 2 to 16. But they made up for that a little bit by catering to maternity!

The monthly price for a basic box is $39. That’s steep for clothes I may or may not actually buy. I understand they’ve covering a lot of costs so in the big picture, it is a fair fee for the service. Just a little hard to swallow for a thrifter like me!

There is no mobile app. I was honestly surprised that they don’t have one! So you’ll have to bust out your laptop to do any shopping from them.

An Honest, Unpaid Le Tote Review | Fashion Rental ServiceAn Honest, Unpaid Le Tote Review | Fashion Rental Service

In Conclusion

While this service is similar to others out there, I really like the concept and quality of everything from start to finish. I will not be continuing my subscription past the free trial point, as I just wanted to test it out, but will definitely consider it in the future if I suddenly need more clothes!

If you’d like to see how I styled the rainbow clothes I received, be sure to watch my blog because this week I’ll be posting outfits featuring everything you see above. I’m so excited to show them off!

You can learn more about Le Tote on their official website.

An Honest, Unpaid Le Tote Review | Fashion Rental Service



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