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My 12 Best Thrifted Clothes of 2019: Styled Then and Now

My 12 Best Thrifted Clothes of 2019: Styled Then and Now

thrifted clothing trends 2019 hannah rupp the outfit repeaterMy Best Thrifted Clothes of 2019

Another year of thrift hauls are in the books!

I’ve loved sharing my thrift store haul videos with you every month and even more so getting to show off my fashionable finds. (Which you love, too!)

2019 was a big year for my style as I did a lot of thoughtful closet clear-outs and changed the way I get dressed everyday to accommodate the daily challenges of my chronic fatigue.

While that might sound like a bummer, it helped me really hone in on clothes that are fun, practical, and, most importantly, express who I am. Just check out the 12 examples down below!

I picked out my 12 best thrifted clothing finds and am sharing with you how I originally styled them and an updated look at how I’m wearing them nowadays.

Starting Off Simple

A theme you’ll start to notice is how I focused I was on buying basics this year.

How often do we, as thrifters, get caught up in buying the quirkiest, loudest piece in the store and then realize we don’t have a simple t-shirt to pair them with?

That was a problem I’ve ran into for years so I buckled down and started my year off with a gray turtleneck, striped ringer tee, burgundy crushed velvet cami, and a perfect pink coat.

A Very Fun Summer

My summer finds could easily be their own capsule collection!

Once I found some basics, I had fun seeking out “party” pieces. As you can see, a sequin skirt, green bodycon dress, leopard print skirt, and blush pink tutu fulfilled my style whims.

Wrapping It All Up

My thrifted clothing finds went full circle as I’ve spent the most recent months picking up basics that fit where my style is headed in the new year.

I’m leaning towards colorful pieces that have a little edge! Plus, can you spot my December thrift haul find?

What I’ll Be Thrifting in 2020

And that’s how I styled my best thrifted clothes from 2019! Please feel free to ‘Pin’ your favorites as inspiration.

In 2020, I’m hoping to continue my conscious shopping efforts by saying ‘no’ to pieces that aren’t quite right and saying ‘yes’ to clothes that make me feel amazing! What’s your 2020 thrifting plan?

Keep up with my style adventures by following on your favorite social media platform. My handles are at the end of this post!



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