7 Thrifting Tips You Don’t Know + July Thrift Haul Video

July Thrift Haul Video

Who knew thrifting could be such an educational experience? I sure learned a lot this month!

That’s because when you’ve been thrifting as long as I have (since birth) you start to feel like you know everything. My latest thrift haul video proved me otherwise!

Ready to learn, too?

Watch my thrift haul video and then scroll down for some thrifting tips I’m passing on to you!

Sharing is caring, afterall. 😁

Here’s some big takeaways from my this thrift haul video:

If the price is right, buy more than one.

It’s kind of ridiculous how often I come across two of the same thing and am faced with the choice of leaving one behind. Luckily for me, the price is usually right and I’ll happily buy both of them and later have a “clothing hunger games” to see which one will take up permanent residency in my closet.
Lessons in Thrifting | July Thrift Haul Video | The Outfit Repeater

The best time to buy something weird is when you see it.

Regret is my least favorite feeling so when I see something that makes my heart jump, no matter how weird it is, I go for it. This is a rule I’m still working on because I spent years passing up the weird things (y’know, being all adult and buying practical stuff) but I want my closet and living space to be filled with fun stuff again.
Lessons in Thrifting | July Thrift Haul Video | The Outfit Repeater

Good things come to those who wait.

Ask for plaid shorts and you shall receive them… plus matching pants! I don’t hate it.
Lessons in Thrifting | July Thrift Haul Video | The Outfit Repeater

Stay accountable to your wallet.

I’ve always kept a close eye on my spending but having a visual reminder in my thrift haul videos has been amazing proof of where my money goes. Whether you make thrift haul videos yourself, post thrift audits, or simply keep a personal budget; it’s great to keep yourself accountable to your wallet.

Re-imagine things as something new.

Vintage robe or kimono? 1980’s school binder or inspiration notebook? I love finding old things and giving them a new life as something completely different. And hey, maybe if I ever get that time machine and find myself in a 1980s classroom, my old school binder will come in handy.
Lessons in Thrifting | July Thrift Haul Video | The Outfit Repeater

I’m not a purse person, I’m a fanny pack person.

I never know what I’m looking for when I browse through purses. They all look the same to me! (Is ‘purse blindness’ a thing like face blindness?) Luckily to me, fanny packs stand out a million miles away and I will buy them all day long.
Lessons in Thrifting | July Thrift Haul Video | The Outfit Repeater

You CAN judge a movie by it’s cover.

I bought a dress simply because it reminded me of the cover from Blades of Glory. Ice-skater chic? You bet!
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Eccentric Owl
August 3, 2015 10:04 pm

That dress with the sequins is CRAZY. And I love it. I can’t wait to see how you modernize it! 😀 UGH I wish I could go thrifting right now. I have a little haul I still need to share from quite a while ago, and I’ve gotten a few home-decor type things lately that I could share, but I really just want to be set free in the thrift store for hours so I can buy all the things with no regrets.

September 7, 2015 10:24 am

Great thrifting tips! I can agree with all of them (and I know we all have those regrets of things we didn’t buy lol). You have such unique taste and manage to put it all together and look impeccable! PS. I love your short hair. It frames your face so perfectly!