December Thrift Store Haul Video + 2020 Thrifting Wishlist

december thrift store haul video 2019 2020 hannah rupp the outfit repeater2020 Vision

This is no optical illusion – it’s the real deal!

While this is the last thrift haul video I uploaded in 2019 – it just might be the first thrift haul you watch in 2020. Wild, huh?

Start the new decade off right by hitting the ‘play’ button below.

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My Thrift Store Haul Video

Did you catch the outfit that appeared in my Best Thrifted Clothes of 2019 post?

🔗Links Mentioned in Video🔗

Why I Cut My Hair

👗What I’m Wearing💄

Thrifted sweater

Every Outfit In The Thrift Haul

My New Year Thrifting Wishlist

I don’t set New Year resolutions anymore but I will continue my tradition of creating a monthly thrifting wishlist. Here’s what’s on it for the upcoming month!

december thrift store haul video 2019 2020 hannah rupp the outfit repeater

• Pink Pom-Pom Hat – It wouldn’t be Winter in Wisconsin if I didn’t have some cold weather gear on my list, amirite?

• Shoe Rack Organizer – My current shoe rack situation is pretty bogus and falls apart if I even look at it wrong. Time for an upgrade!

• Chocolate Brown Flats – And to go on that shoe rack… dark brown flats. Maybe I shouldn’t describe them as chocolate? Sounds yucky. But that’s the best way I can define the color I’m looking for!


Thank you for joining me for another monthly thrift haul video. Please be sure to Pin your favorite outfit from this post or share it with your thrifting partner-in-crime!



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