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6 Outfit Ideas To Wear The Next Time You Go Thrifting

6 Outfit Ideas To Wear The Next Time You Go Thrifting

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What I Wear To Go Thrifting | Secondhand Outfit Ideas | 6 Outfit Ideas To Wear The Next Time You Go ThriftingWhat To Wear Thrifting

Picture it: you’re planning a big thrift outing. You’ve researched the thrift stores, loaded them into Google Maps, gassed up your car, and taken cash out at an ATM.

But what are you going to wear?!

You might just throw on whatever looks good in the morning or you can give it some strategic thinking. Will the fitting rooms be open at the store? Is it supposed to get hot? Does the store you’re going to have a reputation for being dirty? Are you going to be trying stuff on? Or bending over a lot?

There’s so much to consider when picking an outfit to wear thrifting!

I more or less follow a formula (or a thrifting uniform!) but also allow for my mood and the weather to guide me when the time comes.

If you need some inspo on what to wear thrifting, you’re in the right place! Here’s a round-up of recent outfits I wore to go thrifting and why I picked them!


Keep It Colorful

There are very few things I won’t wear thrifting. One thing that comes to mind is white. That’s just taking too much of a chance on a thrift store’s cleanliness. (Sorry!)

So I like to wear bright, colorful clothing without each piece being too fussy.

Denim overalls are awesome because you get to wear jeans without the hassle of wearing a belt or pulling them up all day. Then I layered a neon tee shirt underneath (comfy!!) and a zip-up hoodie in a contrasting color. I went without a purse and crammed everything into a fanny pack worn like a crossbody bag. And finally sneakers!

This outfit checks all the boxes for my above criteria. I can move, bend, and try-on with ease!

what i wear to go thrifting. hannah in a thrifted outfit.

Back To Basics

Am I wearing a bodysuit? No! And my version is easier to get in and out of while thrifting!

My secret is I put together a black top and black leggings (both Maurices!) to create a faux bodysuit look. On top I added a white button-up in place of where I might wear a jacket. It was a hot summer day, and I didn’t feel like shaving, and this allowed my skin to get cool while not even showing skin at all.

And again with the fanny pack! I usually choose a fanny pack if I’m going to a few familiar places. But as you’ll see coming up, I typically choose a larger purse for more intense day trips when I need to carry excess “emergency” items on me!

what i wear to go thrifting. hannah rupp in a thrifted outfit.

Comfort is Key

The leggings and sandals are back again but this time I went with a long striped tunic and a denim jacket. It has comfort but also made me feel a little edgy.

Peep the black faux leather backpack in the corner. This was a long day for me and I needed to carry my essentials without straining my joints too much. It all worked together in perfect symmetry!

what i wear to go thrifting. hannah rupp in a thrifted outfit.

Have Fun With It

This combination of a cropped graphic tee and palazzo pants is definitely out of the ordinary for me. (For thrifting, anyways. lol) I talked more about this look in the post about my tricks for using thrift store fitting rooms but basically, I was celebrating National Thrift Shop Day so my outfit was just one big party!

I think I was able to keep a balance of something casual with something colorful. I tried on a lot of clothes that day so I’d say it was a good one for quick changes!

what i wear to go thrifting. hannah rupp in a thrifted outfit.

Dress To Blend In

Thrifting is not a top-secret mission but sometimes you have a day that feels that way.

I was running to a couple of stores with one particular thing in mind so I went with my standby of leggings and a tunic. I chose black because my sleepy brain didn’t want to match colors and because I thought it made me stealthier. I could slink through the aisles undetected and focus on what I was looking for without being interrupted.

Sometimes it be like that.

what i wear to go thrifting. hannah rupp in a thrifted outfit.

Top + Bottom = Outfit

When I was getting dressed, I knew I wanted to wear a graphic t-shirt so I built my whole look around that. I hadn’t worn these plaid pants in nearly a year and I remembered that they have a ton of stretch so they were good get-around pants.

Because it was summer, I wore sandals. But if it was a different season (or I had given this more thought before leaving the house) I would have swapped out the sandals for Converse-style sneakers or my knock-off Doc Martens.

A tip I mentioned in my fitting room post is to wear or bring along socks. I know, I know, I really failed with these looks. But do as I write, not as I wear.

what i wear to go thrifting. hannah rupp in a thrifted outfit.

What Do YOU Wear To Go Thrifting?

Another thing I wear thrifting that didn’t get covered in this post is dresses! (Like, sans leggings) That’s the easiest throw-and-go option out there and I utilize it a lot. Can you imagine a brightly colored maxi dress, sneakers, and a denim jacket?! SLAY!!!


Now I want to know what YOU wear to go thrifting! I love people watching at thrift stores and usually see the whole spectrum of fashion when I’m out. It’s so much fun seeing people express themselves through clothes!



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