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Summer Outfit Photo Dump | Coastal Grandma, Strawberries, + More!

Summer Outfit Photo Dump | Coastal Grandma, Strawberries, + More!

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What I Wore This Summer

Some people mark the passing of time with special moments, I track time by how many cool outfits I wore.

This was a sleepy summer for me but during my lucid periods of family birthday parties, grocery shopping, and downtimes around my house; I made sure to bring my sartorial best!

Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite looks I wore this summer!

The Coastal Grandma Trend

Even though my wardrobe is primarily thrifted, I still find ways to incorporate trends that mesh with my personal style.

I’ve seen “coastal grandma” floating around (no pun intended) on TikTok all year and finally jumped in. I added a striped button down and a nucket hat to give some sun protection to this blue maxi dress.

My mom said she liked the outfit so I guess that means I nailed the geriatric style!

Little White Dress

Earlier in the summer, I thrifted the most perfect little white dress from Goodwill of SCWI. It was honestly on my wishlist!

For its inaugural wear, I styled it for a day trip where I ran into an old friend – the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I stopped him before he could terrorize any unsuspecting citizens at the mall.

hannah is wearing a white wrap dress and standing next to the stay puft marshmallow man from ghostbusters

A Bright Outfit

This bucket hat I bought from thredUP has been in heavy rotation. It was the perfect neutral topper for this bright but casual outfit I wore to run errands!

hannah is wearing a yellow striped cardigan, wide leg jeans, and is standing next to a yellow lightbulb sculpture

Belle Of The Ball

My sister’s little pup, Belle, turned 3 this summer and she celebrated with a princess-themed party.

I originally intended to thrift an inexpensive prom dress but I couldn’t find “the one” so I went with a pastel tank top and tutu. I matched with the birthday grrrrl!

hannah is wearing a purple tank top, pink tutu, and smiling white holding a small light colored puppy

Strawberry Feels Forever

This thrifted outfit came together at the very last minute for another family birthday party – I didn’t have any fruit-themed clothes in my closet (which was also the birthday theme) and then this strawberry top appeared at my local thrift store.. and it just so happened to be Betsey Johnson!

Betsey is my FAVE designer and a major style icon to me. Finding this piece exactly when I needed it most felt so kismet!

Bucket Hat Blues

If you see me wearing this bucket hat again, no you didn’t.

hannah is smiling in front of greenery. she's wearing a brown polka dot top, bucket hat, and denim gauchos.

Flower Girl

Do you ever get an idea in your head for an outfit and you just run with it? I was having a very blah day and just felt like putting on colorful clothes to boost my mood. It worked!

The peonies were picked from my mom’s garden and, yes, they smell as good as they look!

hannah is standing outside holding a bouquet of big pink peonies. she's matching in a pink dress, green leggings, and pink furry slippers

Back To Basics

This is probably the most basic photo of me to exist on the internet.

All black outfit? Check.
Wings mural? Check.

It was a little drizzly out this day so I threw on my pink jacket so that this simple outfit was infused with just a little bit more of my personality!

hannah is wearing all black with her arms extended out. she's in front of a brightly colored brick wall mural that has wings painted on it.

Sunflower Yellow

This was my first time at a sunflower field so I had dreams of matching it. My original outfit idea fell through, then my backup didn’t look right. Finally, I just threw on this yellow shirt and my * bucket hat * and called it a day!

hannah is wearing a yellow t-shirt and standing among a field of bright sunflowers

Puff Piece

This wasn’t an actual outfit I wore this summer but it was too funny not to share! The coat. The pool. The dirty tennis ball! ?

I ordered this light blue puffer coat on thredUP and was so delighted when it arrived. Despite it being about 100 degrees that day, I demanded my mom snap my photo so I could send it to my siblings to show off what a great piece I found.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to wear it this winter!!

hannah is standing outside, looking over her shoulder, and wearing a long blue puffer coat and white sandals.

So Long, Summer

It’s really cool for me to see my summer outfits all together like this because I honestly felt like I was in leggings and an oversized t-shirt all the time.

I’m really looking forward to cooler weather and all the outfits I’m going to wear! What trends or old favorites are you interested in adding to your rotation for fall and winter?


Have questions about a specific piece I’m wearing? Ask me in the comments! Want to share this post on Pinterest or with your friends? Please do!

Summer Outfit Photo Dump Coastal Grandma, Strawberries, + More! hannah rupp



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