What I Wore This Week | A Fashion Challenge

What I Wore This Week | A Fashion Challenge

I took a fashion challenge for a week and this is what happened.

Ok, you guys see my outfits all the time so what’s different about sharing a “What I Wore This Week” video? Simple, I combined it with a fashion challenge. I never like doing things the regular way so it seemed like a great idea.

What is this fashion challenge?

The challenge is called “Take One, Pass It On” and it was dreamed up by Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life.

You start with any outfit you please and then on day two, you restyle one piece from the first day. On day three, you wear a piece from day two. And so on and so forth. (Sarah explains it way better!)

Why did I do it?

Is there a more perfect fashion challenge for a self-proclaimed outfit repeater? I don’t think so. Everyday I get to repeat an item but in a really subtle way.

How did the challenge look?

I made mini vlogs of my outfits from Sunday-Thursday. Here is what that looked like:

Wrapping it all up.

This challenge was so fun! I only tested it out for a week but it would be great to try again in the future for a longer period of time. I would highly recommend this challenge to any looking to switch up the way they look at their closet!

And, of course, I would love to try making more “What I Wore This Week” videos. I’d probably format them a little differently but overall, it’s a cool concept.

A big thank you to Sarah for coming up with this brilliant challenge! Be sure to Pin or share this post with others that you think would like it! Thank you!

What I Wore This Week | A Fashion Challenge