The Ugly Sweater Challenge

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After seeing this post, you may never look at an ugly sweater the same way again!

Origins Of The Ugly Sweater Challenge

Have you ever seen clothing at a thrift store so ugly that you thought there was no way it could ever be cute? That’s exactly how the Ugly Sweater Challenge was born.

The Ugly Sweater Challenge was created by my YouTube friend Veronique Auguste and I. It demonstrates how to transform an ugly thrifted item into something cute!

Challenge Accepted!

For the launch of this challenge, Veronique and I went thrifting for one another and then exchanged our finds in the mail. So neither of us knew just how ugly our sweaters were going to be!

In the videos below, you’ll learn more about the challenge, watch our reactions to unboxing our sweaters, and get some rad outfit ideas!

First up, a video from yours truly:

And, because I teased it so much, here is Veronique’s video:

Now that you’ve seen the videos, we dare some of our internet friends to take this challenge as well! Check out the description of the videos (by viewing them on YouTube) to see if you’re tagged. If you think you are, then you probably are.

Want to join in on the fun, too? You can! All you have to do is upload your ugly sweater makeover on social media and use the hashtag #UglySweaterChallenge for a chance to get re-shared. (Bonus points if you tag @hannah_rupp and @veroniqueauguste!)

So next time you see an ugly sweater at the thrift store, remember this post and consider giving it a second chance!