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What I Bought From thredUP vs. How It Actually Looks

What I Bought From thredUP vs. How It Actually Looks

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green canva image for the outfit repeater hannah rupp wearing green outfit and words What I Bought From thredUP vs. How It Actually Looks A thredUP Thrift Haul

I’m back with yet another thrift haul from thredUP! This type of post is kind of becoming my unofficial thrift haul that I used to present as videos every month. I hope that’s ok with you!

So to back up, thredUP is the largest online consignment and thrift store. I’m obsessed!

For transparency, I am an unpaid thredUP partner that receives a monthly shopping credit to use on their website. Regardless of that, I’m a huge fan of their online store and have used it for maaaany years.

I don’t actually shop on the site every month but I’m constantly browsing and adding pieces to my “favorites”. Click here to learn more about how the thredUP app works and tips for getting the best haul!

But this month I made a big order and after trying everything on, I have some thoughts… ? Keep reading to see what I bought online and how it actually looked in person!

Pink Sweatpants

I’ve tried a couple of pairs of pink sweatpants from thredUP in the past and they just didn’t do it for me. I finally found these and they feel like we’ll get along well for long days of working at my computer as a social media manager.

I was pleasantly surprised that the measurements underestimated how roomy these actually are. For once I didn’t mind an item being described wrong! haha

Blue Tiered Sweatshirt Dress

I wasn’t sold on this blue dress when I saw it online, nor when I tried it on. But something just told me to buy it!

What drew me to it was the color (it’s my 2022 color, remember?!) and once I started styling it up stuff in my closet, I was hooked! It’s super soft and versatile. Those are winning traits in my book!

Oversized Cardigan

After finding my ultimate dream cardigan in my last haul, I was set on finding it in more colors. Unfortunately, what I thought was black (as described online) ended up being totally brown. Bummer!

Aside from the color that’s already in my closet, I wasn’t loving the cocoon shape on me.

Green Crochet Crossbody Bag

How fab is the color of this bag?! I’ve been looking for a tote to take to my doctors’ appointments that would make me smile.

Unfortunately, this one is too small for all my stuff. But it was a final sale item so I can’t return it. It won’t be a total loss because I’m still into it as a fun summer bag for RL thrifting trips!

Sequin Dress

Can I hear a little commotion for the dress?

The photos online didn’t do the cap sleeves of this sequin dress justice. Unfortunately, it was inaccurately described and ended up shorter than the listed measurement. I can’t move around without it showing a little too much so I’ll have to send it back! ?

Bucket Hat

I jumped on the bucket hat trend last summer with a baby blue one and knew I wanted to expand my collection for the upcoming summer.

This creamy Madewell one popped up and it actually fit my tiny head. Winning!

Denim High Waisted Shorts

These denim shorts looked so adorable online! But they didn’t work out in real life.

The fit was tighter than I imagined and my thighs kept eating them up! ?

Patterned Dress

This was kind of a silly purchase with a long backstory. I’ll keep it brief and just let ya know that it’s too big and the polyester material drove me nuts. It’s getting returned!

Navy Blue Jumpsuit

This navy blue jumpsuit was another Madewell buy! I didn’t have the same luck as I did with the bucket hat.

The measurements online were very inaccurate and this ended up almost 5 inches shorter than I expected! That made a big difference in how the jumpsuit fit.

To be more specific (because I know someone in the comments will tell me it “looks” fine) it hit at a weird length above my ankles and the torso was actually ridiculously long; hanging to the middle of my thighs. I’m not sure the body type it was meant for but it’s definitely not for mine.

I reeeeally want a dark palazzo jumpsuit or overalls so I guess I’ll keep looking for my perfect pair!

Thrifting Wishlist

In true “thrift haul” fashion, I’d like to share a few things I’m currently on the secondhand hunt for! You can see the whole round-up on my thrifting wishlist Pinterest board.

the outfit repeater thrifting wishlist for january red beret, pink suit, red blazer

A red beret – I’m still working on expanding my beret collection. It’s been slow going for many years but maybe I’ll find a red one soon!

• Red blazer – It never hurts to have more red in your closet! Red is one of my power colors so combining that with a blazer would be amazing!

• Pink suit – Having a pink suit seems like an obvious choice for me. Especially since I’ve seen so many fashionistas rockin’ pick suits online!


This haul was hit and miss but I think had more wins than my last thredUP haul!

Like many of you, I can relate to the frustration of ordering things online only to find out they don’t work. A lot of time and money would be saved if I could just try these things on in person at a store. But that’s still a tricky situation so this option is better than nothing for when you need a fashion fix.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul! Thank you for checking it out. Let me know in the comments what your favorite item was and how you’d style it. I might just show the outcome in a future TikTok video!

Also, don’t forget to Pin this post or share it with your favorite thrifting partner in crime!

green canva image for the outfit repeater hannah rupp wearing green outfit and words What I Bought From thredUP vs. How It Actually Looks



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