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What I Bought From thredUP vs. How It Actually Looks

What I Bought From thredUP vs. How It Actually Looks

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A thredUP Thrift Haul

I think we can all agree that online shopping is the new norm!

It’s a topic I’ve covered around here many times with tips on how to shop online when you’re not the size of a model, save money and get cash back from online shopping, and also insider tips for thrifting online!

But even as a seasoned online clothing shopper; mistakes happen. Especially when it comes to secondhand garments! From missing measurements, inaccurate website descriptions, or my own misjudgment about a silhouette.

My most frequented online secondhand retailer is thredUP so I thought I’d share a recent haul and explain what went right and what went terribly wrong with some of these purchases. Hopefully, you can learn a thing or two!

Gray Cardigan

I cannot even tell you how obsessed I am with this gray cardigan! It’s a big ol’ YES from me!

Cardigans, in general, are kind of a unicorn item for me. I have quite a few in my closet but they never feel very “me”. I want to feel cozy and styled, not just like I added something with sleeves over a tank top.

This gray cardigan checked all the boxes for me. It’s got a great slouch, pockets, and made me feel very cool!

Red Gingham Shorts

Normally I try to stick to buying items from my thrifting wishlist but these shorts seemed to have a lot of the qualities that I look for so I took a chance on them.

While I don’t hate them, the issue fell in how they fit. The rise wasn’t high enough for me and the inseam was shorter than I imagined. They were described accurately online but ended up being a MISS on my body.

Black Denim Jacket

During the pandemic, I assessed my closet and noticed a need for a black denim jacket. It’s been over a year now and I’ve yet to uncover one in person. (Why?! Where are all the black denim jackets?!)

So when this one popped up on thredUP, I didn’t hesitate to add it to my closet. While it’s my usual size small, it was TIGHT! Aside from the sleeves keeping my arms immobile, I also couldn’t button it.

It’s a PASS.

White Button Up Tunic

Long time followers know I have a love-hate relationship with plain white button-ups. I cycle through them quickly after I declare they’re not for me and then I go and thrift another one. So, here I go again….

This button-up was a little different as it was a long, traditional tunic length. I was not loving the odd sleeve length or split hem so it is a PASS.

Denim Overall Dress

If you could look at my search history, you’d see “overall dress” pop up on a near weekly basis. I’m determined to find my perfect one!

With so many cuts, colors, and options out there, this deceptively simple light wash denim one caught my eye. While the fit was better than I pictured, the length was described as being 3 inches longer, which I would have liked so it would cover my butt when I sat down.

So because it was too short, I had to PASS. Sad day!

White Cardigan

Another white cardigan after I just thrifted one last month? I can explain…

I added this one to a thredUP bundle one evening and the next day found a stellar white cardigan at a Goodwill. So I tried to take the other white cardigan out of my thredUP bundle but they don’t let you remove things once you called dibs. Super frustrating.

So, it ended up getting shipped to me and ended up not working. The description failed to mention huge orange stains along the hemline. I don’t know how their team missed that but I was not interested in trying to remove them when I had a perfectly good white cardigan that I just thrifted elsewhere.

Also, not loving the shape. I thought it would fit like the gray one but it felt more matronly than cool. I PASSED.

Printed Capri Pants


I think most people would look at them and scream “Those are Hannah Rupp pants!”

Unfortunately, the fit just didn’t do it for me. They were a little big, a little stiff, and, again, the rise wasn’t high enough for me. (I have a long torso so it’s a struggle. haha) PASS!

Green Skirt

Green is slowly creeping into my wardrobe and I’m not mad about it!

This skirt is so cute in person! Unfortunately.. like above.. the fit was not for me. The waist was too big (thredUP doesn’t post waist measurements on skirts so it’s a gamble!) and the length was too long. I love skirts that hit right above my knee. I may be tall-ish (5’7″) so I can “pull off” midi skirts but I just don’t feel like they express my style at all.

Needless to say, I had to PASS on this. But I’ll keep looking elsewhere for one because now I know I would really love one in my wardrobe!

Pink Moto Jacket

After mostly fails, I will tell you that this pink moto jacket is a YES!

A pink moto jacket is on my wishlist but I can’t seem to find the exact shade of pink that I want. Most are blush or coral. Interestingly, this one is still the wrong shade but it’s made of cotton (I actually have its cognac colored twin that I thrifted a year or so ago!) so I had the idea of busting out some Rit dye and customizing the color.

I’m pretty slow with projects because of my chronic fatigue so I will probably enjoy it as-is for a couple of years before I actually get my dream coat. I am ok with this because it’s still really pretty!

Wrapping It Up

Just remember that for every fabulous piece styled by a thrifter on TikTok, there’s probably a pile of returns sitting behind them.

I really hate the environmental impact of making returns by mail but I try to view it as my piece will get a second chance with the right owner and that thredUP is one of the good guys in all of this.

What did you think of this haul? What are the main takeaways that you’ll keep in mind the next time you shop online? Let’s chat in the comments! Also, be sure to Pin your favorite outfit from this post. ?



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