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How I Use The thredUP App + Thrift Haul

How I Use The thredUP App + Thrift Haul

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Shopping on The thredUP App

thredUP has changed the way we think of thrifting online and, with the addition of their app, they’re also making it easier!

If you’re not familiar with thredUP, they’re the biggest online consignment store in the US and have been the recipients of many cleanout bags from me in the past. (Learn more about my experience selling to thredUP.)

During my internet hiatus, I had a lot of time to scroll on my phone and get to know the thredUP app intimately. After using it almost daily and making countless orders (and returns! ?) I feel like I can give it a pretty fair review.

Dare I say… I actually started to prefer the app over using the website which is a pretty big deal because I love websites!

Why did I love it so much? Read on for my likes… and dislikes.. of the thredUP app!

(Please note: I can only speak for the iPhone version of the app.)


How I Use thredUP App

Thrift shopping online is something you either love or hate and I happen to be a lover of it! It takes a little getting used to but I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

On that note, I use the thredUP app to…

1. Curate a secondhand shopping wishlist (in addition to my thrifting wishlist on Pinterest!).

2. Track down clothes I regret giving away. This is invaluable when you’re a serial donater like me!

3. Get the best deal on digital duds. There’s a lot of competition for your dollars online so always research what you’re about to buy on other platforms. Normally thredUP is the lowest price for what I want!

4. Get a better look at garments. Who else tends to overlook flaws in a store because you’re shopping in a rush?! Plus this way I can tell if there’s a weird mullet hem or cutout I didn’t notice.

5. Try out new things. It’s handy to browse through sections I might not ordinarily have the time or patience for in-person. Using my Saved Searches, it’s like having a curated selection just for me!

Plus, thredUP makes returns very easy at a time when shopping and returns in secondhand stores are kind of sketchy. Even with all the tips in this post, admittedly, I probably return 1-2 items per haul because they just weren’t perfect.

Pros of The thredUP App

Even before my hiatus, I was shopping from thredUP a lot. I’ve been a thredUP customer for more than 5 years and am even a member of their Instagram ambassador program. (Trust me, they’re not paying me to write this!)

But now that I’ve gotten really into using the app, here’s what I like about using it vs. the website:

Easily update search filters. One thing that always slowed me down on the thredUP website was updating search filters on my web browser.

Every time I changed an option, the entire page would refresh. This is not a problem with the app! I can tick as many options as I’d like and my page only refreshes when I’m content with the changes.

This makes updating search filters so much faster, cuts down on loading time, and gives me more time to shop.

Infinite page scrolling. If you want to make a sale, give your customers infinite scrolling! After scrolling endlessly through amazing secondhand clothes, I start to lose track of time. That’s all because of infinite scrolling!

On the thredUP website, you’re able to view 50 listings on a single page before having to click the “next” button to view the following page of listings.

I understand that this feature can be resource-heavy on a website why is probably which it’s only available through the app. But still… it’s awesome!

Cons of The thredUP App

So not everything about the thredUP is amazing. There are some changes I’d like to see and features I think that would make both it, and the website, better! Here are my thoughts:

The ability to organize Saved Searches. So this problem applies to both the website AND the app. I wish I could rearrange my Saved Searches so the best ones appear first.

This isn’t too big of a problem considering you can get notified of new listings on your Saved Searches but sometimes I just like to browse through my curated categories and when I do that, there’s a long list to go through.

It’d be great if I could arrange them so the most important ones are at the top! I have a lot of them so it takes a lot of scrolling to find the ones I want. It seems like a simple option so maybe it will become available in the future!

The ability to swipe back to search results from a listing page. As an iPhone user, I’ve gotten quite used to swiping back and forth from page to page. It’s a minor detail but it would be great to be able to do that on the app as opposed to going up and tapping the back button to return to the previous page.

There’s not much else that bothers me but I’m sure some of you have suggestions you’d like to sound off about in the comments. Did I miss the mark or do you agree with my points?

A thredUP Thrift Haul

You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging without sharing some of my recent thredUP finds? I’m very excited to add so much color to my closet. I’m on a big color kick if ya couldn’t tell. ?

Round pink purse, $price • Blue tee, $12.99 • Pink Wild Fable coat, $27.99 • Yellow beret, $8.99 • Lilac tank top, $9.99  • Blue Baggu tote bag, $18.99 


What’s your favorite outfit that I styled? Have you used the thredUP app? If you have any more questions about online shopping, be sure to share them with me in the comments.

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