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An April thredUP Thrift Haul

An April thredUP Thrift Haul

This post is in partnership with thredUP in exchange for store credit on their website. This post also contains affiliate links & I may receive a commission if you click or complete a purchase through them.

April thredUP Thrift Haul

I forgot to write this post in April but rest assured these clothes were all bought secondhand from the thredUP website in the month of April! And spoiler alert: they all got returned.

But I had fun playing dress-up in them during our brief time together. Scroll on to find out what I loved and hated about each item!

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Blue Metallic Mini Dress

This blue metallic mini dress was a total impulse buy. (And by “impulse”, I mean it sat in my saved items for 6 months and I finally decided to give it a try.)

I looooove the color but I didn’t expect it to be so “mini”. It was also much clingier than expected. I intended to buy it for layering but it didn’t work with the pieces already existing in my closet.

It’d be great if I was the type of person who went out but alas, I spend my Friday nights in bed watching true crime murders.

Sequin Skirt

A silver sequin midi length skirt has been on my thrifting wishlist for the longest time. I thought I finally lucked out but it turns out I was being catfished.

The picture on the left is how the skirt appeared online. Look silver, right? Turns out the under layer of the skirt was gray but the sequins were a bronze/brown shade. Big bummer!

Purple High Low Tunic

I’m not sure how to classify this garment but “tunic” seems the closest. I was drawn in by the unique color (it’s been years since I’ve said anything but I’m still disturbed by the lack of purple clothes at the thrift store) and I have a few similar pieces from Maurices that I live in so I took a chance.

It wasn’t the worst, wasn’t the best. The fabric was really thin and I recall having a tee made from the same material and it absorbed liquids and left it stained so I was weary it would happen if I held on to this for too long.

Gray Crushed Velvet Vintage-Inspired Dress

I think it’s time to swear off wrap dresses. ?

This gray one looked so demure online, perfect for an upcoming gothic-themed wedding I’m attending. But when I got it, the skirt wouldn’t cover my thighs! What you see in the photo is what it covered, hence why I threw on some bike shorts.

I’m confused, too, because the top fit so nicely and the whole thing looks amazing on the mannequin. What went wrong?!

Yellow Skater Skirt

This blog post may be delayed but I did share these finds last month in an Instagram video and this skirt got SO much attention!

The picture online looked like a bright, sunny yellow. In person, it was the same shade as a highlighter!!!? The top I styled it is about the only thing it matched from my closet.

Barely matching one item from my closet was not enough to sway me to keep it!

In Clothes-ing

While this post was kind of a letdown, I have another one coming up that is SO much better!



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May 6, 2022 7:25 pm

Aw, bummer that these items didn’t quite work out for you!! Can’t wait to see the next ~fabulous~ haul! ❤️

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