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A May thredUP Thrift Haul

A May thredUP Thrift Haul

This post is in partnership with thredUP in exchange for store credit on their website. This post also contains affiliate links & I may receive a commission if you click or complete a purchase through them.

hannah wears a long blue dress, holds a brown and teal thredUP shipping boxMay thredUP Thrift Haul

I teased in my last thrift haul post that April was unlucky for me but May would be better. It totally is! Only one item got sent back and I’m so excited about what I kept. (And the month isn’t even over yet!)

I think my bad luck with any online purchase really just comes down to the perils of online shopping in itself!

While I’m always very selective and carefully comb through the thredUP website, mistakes happen. You can’t always trust the sizing, or measurements, or feel the material in your hands. That’s when you end up with faulty purchases.

But the thrift gods were on my side in May and almost everything I bought was exactly what I was looking for.. and has already been worn a good handful of times – that’s saying a lot!

Check out what I bought below and how I styled it.

If you’re in the US and you’ve never used thredUP before, feel free to use my affiliate code to sign-up. I’ll get a $10 credit when you make your first purchase. (Which I’ll use to make more hauls like this with. haha) It’s a win-win!


TIP: New thredUP customers can get $10 off their first order. Click here to redeem!

Home Alone Graphic T-shirt

Christmas came early! I actually bought my sister a Home Alone sweatshirt on thredUP for Christmas and felt a twinge of jealousy as I handed it over.

But now I’ve got my own Wet Bandits tee to wear during the holidays.. or right now. 🙂

hannah smiles mischievously while wearing a gray home along t-shirt, red cardigan, and blue pants

Pink Raincoat

I finally found a pink raincoat after a close call with one in my February thredUP thrift haul! I knew if I was patient that the right one would come along.

This has all the features that I like – a hood, zipper, and pockets. Plus it’s generously sized so I can slip a hoodie or thick sweater underneath without feeling stuffed.

hannah's smiling and looking down in a polka dot dress and pink rain coat

Lime Green T-shirt

Was a lime green t-shirt on my thrifting wishlist? Not at all. But it popped up in one of my searches and the brightness appealed to me. How great does it look with this rainbow cardigan? I thrifted that earlier this year for under $5 at a consignment store. They’re a great match!

hannah is smiling in a lime green t-shirt, rainbow cardigan, and blue jeans

Yellow Raincoat

Two raincoats in one haul?! Spring weather is not gonna be able to handle all my cuteness!

I appreciate having a variety of colorful raincoats now to wear on dreary days. This one brightened up a recent doctor’s appointment I had. I love when my clothes can have a positive impact on others!

hannah is grinning while popping the collar on a yellow raincoat. underneath are a graphic tee and black striped pants


Thank you for joining me for another monthly thrift haul from thredUP. I do have non-thrift haul posts on my writing list but these have been the easiest for me to put together lately. If you have a specific post you want to see, please feel free to share it in the comments!

Also, don’t forget to Pin this post or pass it along to your favorite thrifting partner in crime!



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