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The Outfit Repeater Hall of Fame: The Top 10 Most Repeated Pieces in My Closet

The Outfit Repeater Hall of Fame: The Top 10 Most Repeated Pieces in My Closet

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The Outfit Repeater Hall of Fame: The Top 10 Most Repeated Pieces in My ClosetThe Outfit Repeater Hall of Fame

Ever wondered what makes a piece of clothing truly timeless?

Since I’m coming up on my 9th bloggiversary on January 9th, I’m revealing The Outfit Repeater Hall of Fame – a round-up of the top 10 most repeated pieces in my closet.

After 9 fabulous years of blogging, certain pieces have truly stood the test of time in my closet. These aren’t just clothes; they’re the MVPs, the go-to classics, the trusty sidekicks that have transformed my outfits into LEWKS!

In this post, I’m going to explore each piece, share their stories, and uncover why they’ve become my go-to closet staples. (Excluding denim, outerwear, and accessories. Because that’s too easy!)

Now let’s take a walk down memory lane and look back at my top 10 most repeated pieces and why they work!

Iconic Piece: Daisy Print Top

Coming in last place with 5 wears (on my blog.. countless more in real life) is this super cute daisy print top!

Wear it came from: Bought at a garage sale in 2008 for about .50¢

What I love about it: I was attracted to this top when I was still just a teenager because of the throwback daisy print. I was also plus-size back then and loved the comfy cut on the top.

Fun fact: The top is true ’90s era from Maurices! That’s significant because I’ve been an employee of Maurices since 2018. Full circle moment!

most repeated piece daisy print long sleeveless top vintage 1990s maurices

Iconic Piece: Red Floral Skirt

Clocking in at 6 wears on the blog, this vintage red floral skirt has staying power!

Wear it came from: I believe it was a Salvation Army thrift store around 2013. I think it was half-price at $1! (My memory is foggy though so don’t quote me)

What I love about it: I’m actually surprised that this skirt shows up on my top 10 list because the elastic is completely gone from the waistband so I hate trying to get it on. But the bright red flowers have a way of matching so much in my closet that I can forgive it.

Fun fact: The first photo was submitted to Lucky Magazine in 2016 and was chosen to be on the website… THEN IN THE SEPTEMBER PRINT ISSUE! I still have multiple copies of the magazine to remember that time I was a little bit famous.

Iconic Piece: Rainbow Striped Skirt

I’m sure no one is surprised to see this rainbow striped skirt on my top 10 list! It’s been worn a total of 6 times on my blog.

Wear it came from: I bought this skirt for $15 on thredUP back in 2020.

What I love about it: What’s NOT to love about it?!

Fun fact: I had this exact skirt on a Pinterest board a few years prior to the purchase. It was just an outfit I thought was cool then I somehow manifested it into my life!

Iconic Piece: Blue Vintage Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit has been styled on my blog a whopping 7 times!

Wear it came from: I found this blue jumpsuit in the basement of a thrift store for $1 back in 2017.

What I love about it: This jumpsuit is one of a kind with its bright color and hundreds of pockets. And the fabric is very forgiving throughout my many weight fluctuations over the years!

Fun factI’ve shared the long version on my TikTok of how I bought this skirt, which includes how Pat Benatar was involved in the purchase.

hannah wearing most repeated piece, a blue vintage jumpsuit

Iconic Piece: Pink Vintage Floral Blazer

At 8 wears, this pink floral blazer comes in at the halfway point!

Wear it came from: I vaguely remember buying it from a small thrift store in 2013. Like most things on this list, I don’t think I spent more than $1 on it.

What I love about it: This blazer is a pastel ’80s dream! I always feel like I’m in a John Hughes movie when I wear it. Plus it looks just as good styled in feminine looks as it does with dark grungy pieces.

Fun fact: This purchase was heavily inspired by my favorite movie, Pretty in Pink, and the constant comparisons I get to Molly Ringwald.

Iconic Piece: Blue Vintage Polka Dot Shorts

This list is starting to get serious! These blue polka dot shorts have been worn 10 times on my blog.

Wear they came from: If I had to guess, it was another small thrift store for about $1 back in 2012/2013. It’s been too long!

What I love about it: These shorts are the most versatile color, have the most perfect Swiss dot pattern, and the loose cut paired with an elastic waistband makes them fit at literally every size I’ve been from a 4-12!

Fun fact: I thrifted a twin to these several years ago – they were mint green – and I wore them a couple of times but the color just didn’t live up to this magnificent navy blue so I donated them. But I really do wish I had them in other jewel-toned hues!

Iconic Piece: Black and White Striped Skirt

Another piece in the 10-timer club is this vintage black and white striped skirt.

Wear it came from: My best guess is another small thrift store for $1 sometime between 2012 and 2013!

What I love about it: I am such a striped girlie and this black-and-white one is right on the mark to me.

Fun fact: I actually hate midi-length skirts and have been meaning to shorten this one for years. But after 12 years in my closet and countless outfits, why fix what ain’t broken?!

Iconic Piece: Red Palazzo Pants

At 10 wears, these red palazzo pants are number 3 on my top 10 list!

Wear they came from: A Goodwill in 2020 for around $5.

What I love about it: I put these pants on my thrifting wishlist in 2018 and searched forever! I finally found them and haven’t seen another pair since. I think they were meant to be mine!

Fun fact: I think most people would be surprised to know these pants are Shein brand. I don’t support that brand for ethical reasons but these pants were too good to pass up. And now they’re kind of my signature, so….

Iconic Piece: Polka Dot Skater Skirt

Coming in at number 2 on my list is this polka dot skater skirt with 12 wears!

Wear it came from: I remember this one! I bought it at a St. Vincent’s de Paul for about $6. I didn’t want to pay that much but it still had the new tag from K-Mart in the 1990s!

What I love about it: This skirt is the perfect length and cut for me. I rarely find skirts like this so, when I do, I HAVE to buy them!

Fun fact: This still had their original tag on it so I took it off and added it to my vintage tag collection. Does anyone else have one of those?!

Iconic Piece: Purple Printed Skirt

My number one most repeated piece is… this vintage purple print skirt with 15 wears!

Wear it came from: I bought it at a Salvation Army for about $1 back in 2013.

What I love about it: As I mentioned above, it’s tough for me to find skirts in the exact length and style that I love. This vintage pattern is fantastic and matches so much in my closet!

Fun fact: When I saw this skirt at the thrift store, I thought it was really artsy and much cooler than who I was. I figured I’d wear it once or twice, feel like an imposter, and then donate it. Now it’s my most worn skirt EVER!

Tips for Becoming a (Outfit) Repeater Offender

Creating this list was very eye-opening for me. I didn’t realize some items had been documented online so many times, even though they are beloved pieces in my closet.

What I learned from this round-up that I think are some important takeaways:

  • Vintage clothes are made to last
  • Sometimes the most inexpensive items are the most well-loved
  • Choosing pieces that have a classic pattern or match the color palette of your closet can go a long way
  • Have fun in your closet!

Thank you so much for reading this post and enjoying all my looks from the past 9 years as The Outfit Repeater! As always, please be sure to Pin your favorite looks from this post and share the outfit repeater message with all your friends!

The Outfit Repeater Hall of Fame: The Top 10 Most Repeated Pieces in My Closet



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