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Pass or Fail? An Honest Review of My 2023 Style Goals (and What I’m Doing Different This Year)

Pass or Fail? An Honest Review of My 2023 Style Goals (and What I’m Doing Different This Year)

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Pass or Fail? An Honest Review of My 2023 Style Goals (and What I'm Doing Different This Year)Setting New Year Style Goals

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves the fresh start that a new year gives us.

It’s a great time to do some self-reflection, create goals, or begin a new habit in your life.

For me, my focus is always on the functionality of my closet and being intentional about what I bring into it; thus I set style goals for myself.

I love setting style goals every year and sharing them with you. You can get inspired by my 2022 style goals or 2023 style goals here.

So speaking of my 2023 goals, how did those go? In this post, I’m going to look back and recap how they went and set new style goals for 2024!

Let’s dive in!


2023 Style Goals Recap

While I did recap my style goals during the half-way mark on Instagram, things did change a little bit after that. Here’s an overview of what happened in 2023!

Style Goal Update: Buy More Pink

PASS! Thanks to the Barbie movie, pink was in abundance in retail and thrift stores. I did great finding new pieces to add to my collection!

a pile of pink clothes

Style Goal Update: Invest in Better Quality Jeans and Shoes

PASS! I did better with buying jeans, than shoes, but I still accomplished both goals. While I’d rather thrift jeans, it can be tough to find just the right fit.

Most of the new jeans came from Maurices (where I work as a social media manager!) so getting an associate discount on brand new jeans that I could order for my exact body type was great!

a stack of denim jeans a row of shoes. silver mary janes, blue sandals, and pink ballet flats

Style Goal Update: Shop From Small/Indie Brands

PASS-ish? While I did make a few purchases from smaller stores, I mostly ended up MODELING for the stores! That was a first for me and lots of fun.

However, I did shop at a lot of new thrift stores and antique malls that were off the beaten path. Does that count?!

Style Goal Update: Buy a Little Black Dress

FAIL! This has been a years-long search and I have yet to find exactly what I have in my head. So the search continues into 2024!

Style Goal Update: Reduce My Sock Collection

FAIL! My sock collection actually grew larger this year. Oops!

Setting New Style Goals for 2024 

And now what we’ve all been waiting for… here are the goals I have set for my style and closet in 2024!

New Style Goal: Buy Colored Jeans

I’m not talking about 2000’s skinny jeans, I’m talking about current cuts and silhouettes in funky colors. Think something like pink flares or yellow wide leg jeans. I’ve come close to a couple of pairs in the last year but the fit was always just a little bit off.

New Style Goal: Be More Creative With My Scarf Collection

I have a beautiful (and bountiful!) scarf collection and I want to be more intentional about adding scarves to my looks. This is definitely something I can work on right away while it’s still Winter!

a row of colorful printed scarves

New Style Goal: DIY More Stuff

I’m no stranger to customizing my clothes but I mainly stick with easy projects like cropping a shirt with scissors… or cutting jeans with scissors.. mostly stuff with scissors. lol

I am vowing to do more with my clothes in 2024 like rhinestones, painting, and maybe even Rit Dye!

a pile of craft and sewing supplies on a white furry rug

New Style Goal: Grow My Hat Collection

I love wearing hats and I love the little collection of berets, bucket hats, and wide-brim fedoras that I own. I would love to continue to find more colors and styles to fit my little noggin!

a stack of colorful berets

Tips For Setting Your Own Style Goals

Are you feeling inspired to set your own style goals but need a little push? Here’s what I would recommend!

  • Reflect on what you did last year. Could you update that goal to fit where you are in your life right now?
  • Tell your goals to a friend. I think one of the best ways to manifest your dream closet/life/whatever is to talk about it out loud so the universe can hear exactly what you want. I hope this post does that for me!
  • Challenge yourself! Push your boundaries with a new color palette, experimenting with patterns, or trying a trend you love.

Wear To Go From Here

I’d like to hear about your style goals! What are you hoping to add more of to your closet, give away, or change? Let’s know more about it in the comments!

Please be sure to Pin this post or share it with a friend who could use some inspiration!

Pass or Fail? An Honest Review of My 2023 Style Goals (and What I'm Doing Different This Year)



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