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Saying Goodbye to Summer in a Pink Kimono

Saying Goodbye to Summer in a Pink Kimono


If this pink kimono could talk, it would have some really great stories to tell of my summer!

Everyone is in such a rush for autumn to begin when we should really pause and celebrate summer before it’s completely over.

This kimono felt fitting to wear to bid adieu to the season as it was worn during some very memorable milestones and events in my life. I have undoubtedly dub this The Summer Of The Pink Kimono. (Thanks for letting me borrow it, Lyndsey!)

pink-kimono-maroon-maxi-skirt-blue-hair-outfit-03 pink-kimono-maroon-maxi-skirt-blue-hair-outfit-06

I’ve always been enchanted by the idea of wearing secondhand clothes and imagining what adventures were had when they were worn by the previous owner.

This pink kimono was worn by me a lot (remember when I paired it with jeans?) and I’m thrilled to send it back to Lyndsey covered in really great stories (and maybe a little bit of sweat). So often when we donate clothes or shop at thrift stores, we don’t know who will get to wear our clothes next. I think there’s something special about getting to share clothes with your friends.

My maroon colored maxi skirt is another thrift store find. I never thought maroon and baby pink would look so good together but I am sold on this outfit! This maxi skirt didn’t make as many memories as this kimono but I already have a few autumn-themed outfits in the works. Stay tuned for those!

pink-kimono-maroon-maxi-skirt-blue-hair-outfit-05 pink-kimono-maroon-maxi-skirt-blue-hair-outfit-02

This outfit, unfortunately, marks the end of something other than summer, as well. It is with much regret that I tell you that the Shaped By Style blog is going on a hiatus indefintly. It’s been a lot of fun swapping clothes and sharing inspo with you but all good things must come to an end, right?

It may come back again in the future but for now we’re going to try micro-blogging on Instagram. Join us @ShapedByStyle. We love re-sharing our fashionable followers!

Summer, it’s been real. But now let’s raise a glass of pumpkin-spice-something and toast to a new season. Here’s to an awesome (and stylish) fall season!

pink-kimono-maroon-maxi-skirt-blue-hair-outfit-04 Borrowed kimono, Lyndsey of Dressed in Mascara
Thrifted maxi skirt, $4
Forever21 necklace, $2 (old)
Target sandals, $15 (old)



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September 16, 2016 4:28 pm

Here’s to summer. 🙂

That’s a really poetic way to think about it in an age when clothing barely lasts a couple years, let alone through multiple owners.

Anna Martin
Anna Martin
September 17, 2016 5:34 pm

Beautiful necklace. <333 The kimono pairs beautifully with the maxi skirt. I love those colors together!

– Anna

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