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The 5 Types of Work From Home Outfits + How To Make Them Better

The 5 Types of Work From Home Outfits + How To Make Them Better

The 5 Types of Work From Home Outfits + How To Make Them BetterWhat Work From Home Outfits Look Like

“WFH or “work from home” is having a moment right now with so many adhering to the restrictions set by the CDC to social-distance.

But what are you supposed to wear when you WFH?

Is there a dress code?

Kick off your shoes and get ready for a fun escape as I share a list of looks I’ve I’ve worn through the years as a stay-at-home style blogger and content creator.

Plus, there’s tips on how to make each one to make them just a little better.

Let’s dive in!

PJs and Nightgowns

A mainstay for almost everyone who works from home is PJs and night clothes.

When you’re just finding your groove working from a couch, it might seem silly to even change out of what you wore to bed. So this outfit could really be a grab bag of whatever you slept in!

To elevate the look a little, pick a pair of coordinating PJs or a pair that makes you feel cute without looking frumpy. It makes all the difference to your state of mind!

Sweats and Lounge Clothes

A step up from PJs is sweatpants or leggings. They’re comfy, easy to layer with, and simple to throw in the wash in case you spill your microwave meal on them.

Because these styles normally blend into everyone’s everyday attire, you could get creative by adding a stylish tunic to your leggings or throwing on a denim jacket with your sweatpants. These additional clothing items are great in case you need to make a grocery run or take a quick walk outside.

Casual & Street Style

Longtime WFH employees try to stick with a regular routine of waking up in the morning and getting ready for the day.

This doesn’t have to require too much effort, but putting some consideration into your appearance can make the day feel more important than it is.

Some casual options to try are wearing a dress, a pair of colorful jeans to list your spirits, or even a comfy jumpsuit!

Business Casual

Some habits are hard to break and if you work in an office or corporate setting, your closet might be full of work clothes so you don’t have much choice in your sartorial decisions.

Like the longtime WFH employees I mentioned above, you have the advantage of getting dressed up and looking way better than the rest of us just by default!

Try to choose pieces that have some stretch (which chances are, if you have a naturally sedentary job, most of your clothes are sitting-friendly) and play around with different patterns and colors that might seem “too much” for the office.


If all of the above are getting old, then just DRESS UP!

Throw caution to the wind and wear whatever the heck puts a smile on your face.

This could a fluffy tutu, sequins, a hat. If it makes you feel good then PUT IT ON!

(Outfit notes: opt out of wearing shoes and try to match your socks to your outfit instead!)


Which WFH outfit describes your looks these days?

This is an unprecedented time in fashion history but hopefully this post helps you navigate it with a little more confidence. Please Pin any outfit that inspired you and leave a comment with your own WFH outfit idea!



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