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An Honest, Unpaid Poshmark Review + Selling Tips

An Honest, Unpaid Poshmark Review + Selling Tips

Wondering if you're cut out for the life of an online seller? Read my Poshmark review to see if it's for you + get some general tips for selling online.

When was the last time you can say you read an honest, unpaid review for a product or service? Sugarcoated reviews from bloggers are kind of the norm nowadays so consider this post a breath of fresh air. I’m going to give you a truthful Poshmark review and tell what I really think.

What is Poshmark?

To start, Poshmark is a smartphone app & desktop site that allows anyone in the US to sell their gently used clothing online. There are similar apps out there such as Vinted, Tradesy, Depop, and Carousell… just to name a few. Been there, tried them all!

As a person who thrifts and rotates their wardrobe a lot, the idea of selling my castoffs and making some thrifting money in the process really appeals to me.

Because of my experience with other apps, I didn’t think I’d have much luck on Poshmark.

But already during my short 4 month time on Poshmark, I’ve made two sales. That may sound pretty lousy in the long run but it’s actually better than I thought I would do!

TIP: First time Poshmark users can get $10 to use on their first purchase by entering code HANNAHRUPP when signing up. Click here to start shopping!


The pros of Poshmark

  • This is one of the first apps that really feels like a community. I haven’t spent much time exploring it myself but I’ve already acquired almost 300 followers. (Um, can I gain Twitter followers that fast? Please&thankyou.)
  • To go along with the first point, the community is not only tight-knit but it’s huuuge. I’ve spent hours searching for a single garment and never found the end of the page.
  • Searching on Poshmark is a dream. You can find anything with just a few taps. Size, color, and price are just a few options that can help narrow down a search for you. It left me in awe!
  • Unlike traditional websites where you send a message to an unknown tech for help, I love that on Poshmark you can ask questions and have conversations in the comments with the seller and other customers. You’ve got nothing to hide on there!
  • Poshmark protects you if a sale goes horribly wrong. This only works if you purchases though the app, but why would you risk an off-app sale?
  • I love the flat rate shipping price of $5.95 for Priority shipping. It’s easy to remember and is a fair deal!
  • Anything you could ever think of is covered in the FAQ’s. Anything.

The cons of Poshmark

  • Posting was a bit of a nightmare. I could see it working more efficiently on a computer. In fact, I typed out all the information I needed for a single listing and then passed it to my smartphone for posting. It was a pain in the butt and took forever, even with all the info typed out.
  • Along with posting, it would be superb to have options for entering measurements. They have options for just about everything else!
  • The selling fee is bananas! Most, if not all, sites have a listing/selling fee. Poshmark doesn’t charge you to list but they take a big cut of your sale at the end. All sales under $15, Poshmark takes a flat commission of $2.95. For sales of $15 or more, Poshmark’s commission is 20%. If you’re using this app to make a quick buck, I would pass.
  • The app is great but I found that a lot of community members are pretty lazy with running their shops. There were hardly any descriptions or measurements. I feel like people just use it to make it a quick buck and not to really connect with like-minded fashionistas.
  • There is no private messaging service. All messaging between users take place in public comments. This can be awkward if you’re trying to deal with a customer issue and the problem is being displayed to everyone on the site, or if you’re exchanging personal details like an address or phone number.
    • Lindsay (@lindseywhita484) notes that if you create a bundle, then you can private chat with that specific person rather than on the item comment section.
  • While I did gush about the search option, I would say that the only feature missing is the ability to sort it by ascending/descending prices. This has been fixed. Yay!
  • A big downside is that you can’t sell outside of the United States.. yet. The world should have access to this app and I hope they do one day!

Image Source: Flickr/Emily May

Tips for selling your closet

From what I’ve seen on Poshmark and from my own history of selling on the internet, I came up with a quick list of tips for assisting you will sales and hopefully get you repeat some customers!

  • Set fair prices. Look around the web and at consignment stores to get a feel for how much your clothes are worth.
  • Please take measurements. I cannot stress this enough. Clothes differ from brands, cuts, and eras. Marking something as a size “large” is too vague in the world of fashion. However, inches and centimeters are universally understood and will never change.
  • Be available to your customers when they need you. Try to reply within 24 hours to any messages, comments, and complaints.
  • Model your clothes. When selling clothes, it’s important to see the clothes on a body or on a mannequin/dress form. It’s difficult to get an idea of what something looks like if you take a picture of it crumpled on the floor or limply hung on a hanger. By avoiding this tip, you may even get upset customers who feel like the poor photo didn’t accurately represent the garment.
  • Have communication with your buyer. Be apologetic and flexible. if you’re not able to send on your agreed upon date, please let the buyer know. Don’t leave them in the dark! If you choose to stop selling, remember to close up your shop. Treat your shop like a business and not just a random yard sale.
  • Throw in something extra. Poshmark recommends sending a note or some token of appreciation in your package. This is a small gesture that can really mean a lot to your customers! I love getting surprises in the mail, don’t you think others do too?
  • Special trick – Lindsay (@lindseywhita484) found out you can revise a bundle in order to add more items or change the offer prior to the 24hr countdown by changing the size on the listing. Then you can go back in and change it back!

My conclusion

So will I continue to buy and sell on Poshmark? You bet I will! (Take a look at my closet here.) Just like any time you buy online, you should be wary of what you’re purchasing. The app itself is well put together, it’s just the individual users that disappoint me.

I feel like there is definitely room for improvement but I am feeling very positive about the whole thing.

If you want to read what happened with my first Poshmark purchase (which might give you some ideas of how to be a better seller!) than I would recommend reading the story of how I got my leopard print coat.

After reading this Poshmark review, do you think you’d give the app a try? What would you do differently? I’d love to chat about it in the comments!



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April 16, 2016 4:14 pm

I love how detailed this post is. You covered everything! It sounds like a good source to sell and buy clothes.

Dana Brillante-Peller
Dana Brillante-Peller
April 16, 2016 5:59 pm

I’ve sold my clothing via eBay, ThredUp and Twice in the past. I’ll have to check out Poshmark. Thanks for the great review!

April 4, 2017 11:07 pm

I’ve just started with Poshmark, and while I haven’t made a sale yet (I actually just posted my first few items yesterday), I’ve bought quite a bit so I can definitely speak to the quality of the items posted and the community overall. Overall it’s been great, most of the items I bought were as good or better than described! I did get one pair of boots that was much more scratched up than shown, but I submitted a ticket with photos of the scratches and was able to return the item. Because Poshmark is so huge, I actually ended up finding the exact same item in better condition from another seller!
Anyways, if you do end up signing up you can get $5 off your first purchase if you sign up *in the app* using promo code UNXAZ. And shipping on the first order is only $0.99!
(Full disclosure – using my promo code helps me out too)

April 4, 2017 11:08 pm

By the way, great post. I forgot to mention, this post is actually part of the reason I got started with Poshmark!

Teresa Boyd
Teresa Boyd
January 28, 2021 8:03 pm

 I had a HORRIBLE experience with Poshmark. I ordered a pair of $75 boots from a seller named “@longandtall624” that had an inaccurate European to US shoe size chart which mislead me to buy the wrong size. Despite the screen shots I took to from their website proving my point, AND the fact that the shoes arrived with multiple deep cracks in the souls of both boots rendering them useless for Portland weather, the seller would not honor a refund and Poshmark only sent me stock replies. Their advise was to resell them through their website wherein they would take %20 of the sale! I’m truly disgusted with my first attempt at buying through Poshmark. Don’t trust them with your money. They don’t back their Guarantees. 

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