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These Poshmark Selling Tips Are Too Good To Keep To Myself

These Poshmark Selling Tips Are Too Good To Keep To Myself

how to best way to make money on poshmark hannah rupp the outfit repeaterReselling Your Clothes on Poshmark

Do you use Poshmark? It’s a fast growing secondhand online marketplace where people like you and me can sell our unwanted clothes and accessories for some extra cash. It’s a great place to flip your clothes after a closet cleanout.

So why does it seem like some people can just effortlessly sell their clothes on Poshmark all the while you’re struggling to get any views?

Selling your closet online can be a bit of mystery. How do you do it? But more importantly, how do you do it successfully?

I put my years of buying, selling, retail, and fashion experience to good use by exploring best practices to get your items sold!

Whether you’re a newbie looking to get started or a Posh Boss that wants to refresh your skills, these tips are made for everyone and sure to garner future success for you!

how to best way to make money on poshmark hannah rupp the outfit repeater

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What To Do Before You List

If you’re serious about selling your closet, you’ve got to take a few steps before you ever list your first item.

Take a few minutes to make sure your inventory is in good condition. If not, use some of the items I list below to start your own toolbox:

Dust rag to wipe tiny particles off your stuff
Lint roller or large roll of tape for removing lint on fabric
Disinfectant wipes for light cleaning
Magic Eraser for wiping off dirt on hard surfaces
Steamer or regular iron for removing wrinkles
Goo Gone for cleaning up stickers
Scissors for trimming loose threads

Imagine how an item will look to your buyers. Do they want to buy something that’s wrinkled? Or something that they’ll have to spend extra money on to dry clean or get repaired?

Spending just a few extra minutes taking care of your clothes can easily get you a few extra dollars! (I’ll talk more in a second about mistakes to avoid in this area.)

If you’re not willing to take care of your items before listing, then consider decreasing the price to offset what your customer will have to do to make the item wearable.

how to best way to make money on poshmark hannah rupp the outfit repeater

Your Poshmark Checklist

Santa has had it right all along – make a list and check it twice! Grab a pen and paper (or your favorite word app) and remember to have these on hand when you’re listing:

A measuring tape to gauge fit of garment
Good lighting. This could be artificial (like my cheap studio lights from Amazon!) or in front of a window
An adjustable body form or hangers. I prefer an adjustable body form to a regular mannequin because it’s more size-inclusive for displaying my garments in different sizes
Safety pins or clothespins. If you’re working with a mannequin (not required buuuuut really helpful for customers!) these can help adjust the shape of a garment
Water and a good music playlist. These help out immensely during a long day of Poshing!

how to best way to make money on poshmark hannah rupp the outfit repeater

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How To Speed Up Your Listing Process

Listing to Poshmark doesn’t take long at all (my personal best is one listing in under 5 minutes from start to finish) but ya girl still loves a good shortcut! Here’s some ways to cut your listing time in half:

Use stock images. But please upload at least one of the actual garment so we can inspect the condition for ourselves!
Create a description template. Just copy + paste an outline of the most common details you cover in your description (size, color, etc) and keep it in your favorite word app.
Steal measurements from another listing. No time to measure something for yourself? Search for the exact item online and add those measurements to your listing.

If your customer has to ask you for measurements that you didn’t provide, you’ll lose her sale right away. She’ll likely look up that other listing with measurements and buy theirs instead. (True story!)
Have all the prep work done ahead of time. The same way you’d set out your outfit the night before a big event, do some prepping before you list. Get your items cleaned, have everything together in one space, and make sure your phone or camera are charged!

how to best way to make money on poshmark hannah rupp the outfit repeater

What Your Buyers Need To Know From You

Get into the head of your buyer and think about what they need to know in a listing. Better yet, I’ll pretend to be your buyer and give you some questions to get you started:

• What are the measurements? Would it fit X size?
• What color is it?
• Are there any flaws?
• What does the back/bottom look like?

Aim to use this list as a jumping off point of how to take your photos and what to take note of in your description. I won’t be covering photo tips as that’s a whole other situation but I’d encourage you to educate yourself on basic photo skills!

The Worst Mistakes I’ve Seen on Poshmark

Not everyone is a born salesperson and it really shows more than ever on Poshmark. Here’s some practices you should avoid, if you’d like to have to happy customers:

Taking pictures of an item on the floor. Especially when that floor is DIRTY! Ew, pass.
No description. You can’t expect a single title to describe your entire listing. Your buyers have so many questions! Read the advice above for some ideas to get you started.
No measurements or details. Similar to above but more specific. What color is it? White and pastels pick up the same on camera as well as black/gray/ and olive green. Many people describe garments as “knee length”… but on WHO’S height? Are you 5’1″ or 6’2”??? Please provide as many details as you can!
Poor lighting. Look at your images and assess if you would buy that item based on the pictures. If you wouldn’t, then why should somebody else?
Stained or dirty items. If you wouldn’t give something to your best friend in it’s condition, don’t try to sell it for MONEY online! Clean ’em up first!

how to best way to make money on poshmark hannah rupp the outfit repeater
Which shoe looks better? If you said the one of the right, you’d be correct. I took 30 extra seconds to clean it before listing. Makes a big difference!

On Poshmark & Beyond

These tips are most commonly used to increase sales on Poshmark but they can easily be adapted and applied to any app or website you choose to sell your closet on!

The biggest takeaway is to always think of your customer and what they want. This will help guide your decisions and make better choices!

I’d love to hear about you think! Try out some of these tips and then come back and leave a comment letting me know how it went. What would you change or do differently?



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