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A Spring Outfit Styled By Bread & Roses Vintage

A Spring Outfit Styled By Bread & Roses Vintage

Good friends give you style advice, but great friends pick out an outfit for you to wear from your closet.

Spring outfit: teal skirt, printed top, maroon belt, chunky necklace, pine green hair, tan booties

Clearly Emily of Bread and Roses Vintage is a great friend, today, because she styled me in this awesome spring outfit!

Emily and I are both part of the Shaped By Style blog and normally wear each others clothes. So it was fun to get to ask her if she was up for the challenge of styling this top for me to wear (previously seen here) and she accepted without any questions asked.

A challenge like this is awesome because it allows someone else to see your closet with fresh eyes. Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a style rut and this is just the sort of thing to pull me out of it. If you haven’t done something like this already, I would encourage you to grab friend with a distinct style and dress one another. It’s so fun!

Dark pine green hair by Jerome Russell Punky Colours

So Emily came up with this outfit and I absolutely adore it! She was able to check out my closet (virtually) and see possibilities I probably overlooked.

Sure enough, I did overlook the obvious of how this shirt and this teal skirt are made for one another. She also spiced the outfit up with this wide maroon belt and chunky necklace. (both vintage)

I love how all the colors work together harmoniously and even tie in with my newly green hair. It’s a win all around!

Outfit details: vintage maroon belt, teal skirt, printed top, mismatched nail art Spring outfit: teal skirt, printed top, maroon belt, chunky necklace, pine green hair, tan booties Outfit details: chunky vintage wooden necklace

Now that you’ve seen what Emily came up with for me, head over to her blog to see how I styled a vest for her. Hint: it’s pretty incredible.

Emily is also the awesome owner of Bread and Roses Vintage on Etsy and has a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. Her thrift audit posts are my jam! They’re like my thrift hauls but more technical and put together so well.

Really, you can’t go wrong following her around the internet!

Dark pine green hair by Jerome Russell Punky Colours
ThredUp shirt, paid w/ credit (use my code for a free $20, no joke!)
Thrifted skirt & belt, $1.50
Old Kmart boots, $15



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April 12, 2016 11:20 am

Oh, I love all of these pieces together! and how fun having a friend style you! I should try that sometime. I am really digging that shirt – such a cool print!

Lee –

April 12, 2016 4:44 pm

This green hair is so wonderful and magical on you.

April 12, 2016 10:00 pm

I love how this all came out! I didn’t even know about the green hair when I picked everything out, either, so it is just awesome serendipity. This was so much fun!

– Emily

Eccentric Owl
April 12, 2016 10:07 pm

So, I have that exact same belt in blue.

Also, wanna do this with me? BECAUSE. It’s so fun and I just want to do it with all my blogger friends! I think Emily did a GREAT job of styling you; that shirt is sooo trippy and I love staring at it, haha! And I love that skirt! I have a similar one that I used to wear all the time (until I got a bit thicker around the waist, thanks pregnancy); it still fits but I haven’t styled it in a while. I may just have to!

April 18, 2016 1:13 am

Was ever there an outfit featuring a teal skirt that wasn’t awesome? Probably…but, I haven’t seen one here, yet!

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