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An Anti-Thrift Haul Video + Time Sensitive Announcement!

An Anti-Thrift Haul Video + Time Sensitive Announcement!

What Is An Anti-Thrift Haul?

With thrift stores are all over still being closed or open with limitations, I’m not able to thrift in real life and then make one of my monthly thrift haul videos.

(Though I have been hitting the online thrifts hard and even started a partnership with thredUP to show off my treasures!)

So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do an anti-thrift haul video and turn the entire concept on its head. Instead of showing you what I found – I’m showing you what I’m giving away!

This is a cool way to get inside a thrifters head and find out why seemingly “good” stuff ends up at thrift stores.

Watch my anti-thrift haul video below and keep scrolling to the bottom for a special, time sensitive announcement!

VIDEO: My Anti-Thrift Haul / What I’m Giving Away


Flash Sale This Weekend on Instagram!

Since I’m not able to donate these things to a thrift store just yet, I’m going to offer them to you all first!

This weekend (May 8-10), I’m hosting a flash sale on my Instagram Stories. Starting on Friday night, I’ll be putting up as many items as I can with very low price tags. This is open internationally because I want my pieces to find the right home!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter so you get notified of the starting time and any important updates.

Not on Instagram or are unavailable this weekend? You’re in luck! Anything unsold will get put in my Depop closet. There might even be a few unseen goodies added there after this flash sale so it’s worth following along. ?

See you all very soon!



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