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One Week Of Outfits… Styled By My Mom

One Week Of Outfits… Styled By My Mom

Good Genes

Momma mia, here we go again! My mom/best friend/quarantine buddy rifled through my closet to come up with 5 looks for me to wear during the week.

Maybe because we’ve been social distancing together or I’m getting tired of wearing the same PJs as clothes everyday, but I asked her to take the reigns and see what she could come up with for me to wear.

She actually styled an outfit for a blog post a couple years ago and it remains one of my most liked outfits/posts on the internet so despite what she says, I think she has a knack for fashion.

This time around I let my mom do whatever she wanted in my closet and I offered to accessorize (since that’s not one of her strengths).

Check out our teamwork below and then be sure to leave a comment to let us know what your favorite outfit of the week is!

(please excuse the smartphone quality photos!)

What I Wore On Monday

My mom wanted the week to start off on the right foot – so I chose rainbow striped socks to compliment the top she picked out. So far, so good!

What I Wore On Tuesday

I’m starting to sense a pattern here…

For a cold, dreary day indoors, my mom dressed up me in cozy, colorful pieces. It was just the right departure from my usual leggings without making me feel uncomfortable as I bounced from seat to seat. (Computer to recliner and back again!)

What I Wore On Wednesday

Many months ago, I put these pieces together pre-quarantine with the thought that I’d wear them on a nice, Spring day. Little did I know that that nice, Spring day would be doing computer tasks from home and sitting on my deck for a few minutes to take in the sunshine.

What I Wore On Thursday

This outfit couldn’t have been more perfect as I watched, from a window, as my older brother did tree work around our yard. Meanwhile, I’m dressed up inside looking like a full-on lumberjack! (I did eventually go outside to pick up sticks so close enough, right?)

What I Wore On Friday

Admittedly, Friday was a little busy for me as I put the finishing details on a closet sale I held on Instagram so I only had this look on long enough to march around the house declaring that I looked like I was somebody’s fabulous grandmother.

What I Learned This Week

This challenge took on a lot more meaning in quarantine than it did just a few years ago. While it was nice to bond with my mom over clothes, it was even more important to preserve each of these outfits in a photograph – like keeping a visual diary everyday.

Because when you look back at a photo of yourself wearing leggings, it’s hard to recall what was going on. But when you look back at yourself in a carefully chosen look, it tells a story of what you were doing, how you were feeling, and how much you were living that day.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.



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