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5 “Basic” Pieces All Quirky Girls Should Have In Their Closets

5 “Basic” Pieces All Quirky Girls Should Have In Their Closets

There are so many guides out there that describe the perfect pieces every girl needs in her closet. Little black dress, anyone?

But what if you spend more time in a coffee shop than in an office setting? What if your style doesn’t fit the “norm”? This post is for all my quirky girls who are tired of boring jeans and button up tops! Here’s some better options to have hanging up in your closet.



The first thing you should have is a great line-up of graphic tees. Something with an image that represents you, not the place you bought it from. You know the ones…

I went with this blush colored crop top with a big ol’ black bow printed on it. I’m all for something that’s just a little different. (I forgot to mention it buttons up the back which somehow makes it that much cooler!)


Next up are some patterned pants. They’re actually having a moment right now so I feel pretty trendy considering I thrifted these green plaid cropped pants this summer. I don’t hate it!

Unexpected weather calls for an unexpected cover-up. I chose a recently thrifted bubblegum pink moto jacket. I laughed when I saw it online but then I came to my senses and convinced myself I needed it. (Unfortunately, the website folded so there’s no point sharing where it came from. Bummer!)
plaid-pants-quirky-basics-outfit-06After spending a few minutes on my blog, you’ll see that a staple of my wardrobe is a great hat. I’m so into my pork pie style hat that I found on a couple years ago. A hat is the perfect accessory to take any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Get one!

pink-jacket-purple-hair-outfit-10 plaid-pants-quirky-basics-outfit-03My final must-have is killer confidence. It’s tough out there for weird styles so you gotta own your look and make other people love it. If you don’t have it yet, fake it ’til you make it!

There’s really so much more that I could come up with (sequins! sunglasses! stripes!) but I think it’s best for quirky girls (and everyone) to stay true to your personal style and find the “basic” pieces that work best for you.

What is something you can’t live without?

plaid-pants-quirky-basics-outfit-09 WHAT I’M WEARING ?

Crop top – $1.50 (thrifted)
Pink moto jacket – paid with gift card (thrifted online)
Plaid pants – $1.23 (thrifted)
Brogues – paid with gift card (
Pork pie hat – paid with gift card (



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Britney Waite
September 28, 2015 12:38 pm

I am SO GLAD I found your blog a couple weeks ago! Everything you’ve posted is amazing, including all your videos!!! I absolutely agree that everyone needs to find their own “basic” pieces that go with their personality!

October 3, 2015 12:31 am

Hats. Yes. I do not feel complete without a hat even though I’m the only person I ever see wearing a hat. Quirky style for the win!

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